18 Reasons We’re Flipping Out About The New Twin Peaks!

By Jessica Pridmore
18th May 2017

There are not that many things we get really, truly hot under the collar about these days; doughnuts, of course; a new burger joint...that’s a given. But, when an iconic, genre-defining TV show announces it's making a reappearance?! You bet your arse we’re excited!

Load up on coffee and cherry pie and get prepped for weekly binge session in your PJ's, guys, because Twin Peaks is back this coming Monday, the 22nd of May at 8:30pm!

It’s been 25 years since David Lynch’s iconic crime-thriller series, Twin Peaks first aired on our TV sets and, if we’re being truthful, it has left us in a weird mental place ever since.

Taking place exactly a quarter century on from where we left FBI Agent Cooper and the township of Twin Peaks, you'll be able to catch up with all your favourite characters (dead and alive) on SoHO or NEON (clearly, they’re as excited as we are), where all of our questions will hopefully be answered.

Whether you’re a fan of the original 1990s series, or a Twin Peaks newbie looking for a new show to become hooked on—and trust us, you will—here are all the reasons we’re flipping out about the new Twin Peaks.

#1. For one, IT’S BEEN 25 YEARS! I was still in nappies and eating crayons 25 years ago.

#2. I’ve still got NFI what really happened.

#3. I’m still scarred from the events of the Red Room.

#4. On that: will there be more Red Room action? Terrifying! Can't wait!

#5. Umm, can we spare a thought for Agent Cooper?

#6. He was in a bad way when we left him a quarter century ago…

#7. And Annie. How’s she doing?

#8. Do Norma Jennings (Double R Diner owner) and Ed Hurley (from Big Ed’s Gas Farm) finally get together?

#9. About that bank bomb… Did anyone survive?

#10. How many epic knits can one cast wear? Fargo, eat your heart out.

#11. I’m SO up for some cherry pie right now…

#12. WTAF is BOB? No really, are you sure you know? I'm still not clear, and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

#13. There are 216 celebrity cameo appearances in the upcoming series (including Naomi Watts, Laura Dern, and Balthazar Getty—Lynch’s dream team). The town’s 51,201 population clearly takes quite a jump...

#14. David Duchovny in drag. 

#15. Also, the prequel film, Fire Walk With Me, is crucial to the new Twin Peaks plot line (the late, great David Bowie just happens to feature.) So get watching, okay!?

#16. What’s with all the dead characters returning? Starting to get creeped out now.

#17. Will we FINALLY find out who Laura Palmer’s killer was? Like, 100%? Don't lie to me.

#18. The best bit of all? You still have time to watch the original Twin Peaks before getting your fill of the new series on SoHo on SKY every Monday from 22nd May at 8:30pm.

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