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7 Ways To Make Your Small Apartment (Feel) Instantly Bigger

By Phoebe McRae
22nd Jun 2017

Ohhh inner city life. It’s no mean feat. You can’t afford a house so you have to live in an apartment but your apartment is so small you feel like you can hardly breathe, right? Wrong.

Gone are the days of giving up on all things interiors because nothing you like will fit in your awkward (but homely?) sanctuary. Luckily, there are many ways to make your small apartment feel instantly bigger. To get you started, we’ve teamed up with the design geniuses at St Clements to let you in on the top tips.

You can thank us later when you can, you know, breathe.

#1 Declutter

Ok, ok, decluttering may sound obvious, but it’s a great place to start. Nobody likes a messy kitchen/home/life, duh. Re-gift that salad bowl you’re never going to use, give away that hideous coffee table you hide in the corner and recycle those magazines you’ve had for years. Keep it simple. Yes, it really is that easy.

#2 Mirror Mirror

Mirrors are totally trending RN and we strongly suggest you jump on this bandwagon while you bloody can. No longer do these shiny reflective objects need to live in your bathroom splattered with toothpaste (it happens to the best of us, LBH), they can transform your whole living room. Floor length mirrors work best. Just sayin’.

#3 Choose All White Everything

We know what you’re thinking. You don’t want to have to worrying about spilling your spag bol on a white couch while you’re eating your dinner in front of the TV. Fear not, dear readers, it’s really not that bad (Napisan exists for a reason) and it look chic AF. If you don’t trust yourself, try neutrals.

#4 Invest In Statement Furniture

Everything you’ve ever been told about statement furniture is wrong. These grand designs (we’re talking chunky armchairs, bold sofas and impressive coffee tables) can fill a room in a good way—as long as you remove all the other unnecessary objects you have surrounding it. Pull the piece away from the wall to make the room seem extra spacious.

#5 Embrace Natural Light

More is more when it comes to natural light. Make the most of any windows you have and let the sunshine in to avoid shadows, which tend to make a home look and feel smaller than it is. Paint your walls a light shade to complement the light and don’t forget to keep the windows clean, ya filthy animals.

#6 Be Selective With Art

A home isn’t a home without a splash of art but it’s all about what you choose and where you hang it. Go for something with impact and hang it above eye line to give your space depth and structure. Works by Nick Leary and Frank Schwere are our fave.

#7 Opt For Round Tables

Coffee tables, dining tables, bedside tables, any table you’ve ever heard of should really be round if you’re trying to fool your mates into thinking your apartment is huge. End of.

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Image credit: St Clements, Kellie Blizard | Design credit: Gabriella Bjorklund

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