We Found A Swimming Pool Filled With Beer

By Simone Jovel
7th Sep 2017


A swimming pool filled with beer (a legit one, not that wadding pool at your mates place) has popped up in Austria, and let’s just say we think these guys have their priorities in order.

In a world first (just when you thought 2017 couldn’t get any better) the Schloss Starkenberger brewery has made dreams across the globe come true. 

Let us paint you a picture: 13-foot pools and soaking yourself for 2 booze-filled hours at a time. The clincher? You might want to bring a stein in with you (editor’s note: this is not recommended) because this dream-come-true will set you back nearly $300 big ones.  

In case you were interested, soaking in beer is quite good for you (and not for those more obvious reasons). It’s actually great for your birthday suit and helps to aid relaxation. We know, can someone hurry up and bring this to New Zealand please?

Image credit: Urban List Auckland 

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