We Know Where To Get Sushi Doughnuts In Auckland!

By Georgia Jayne Young
19th Oct 2017

We Found Sushi Doughnuts in Auckland

Okay guys, don’t freak out but two of your favourite foods just made a love child and it’s basically making dreams come true here, there and everywhere.

Imagine this, that sticky sushi rice you love so much, shaped into the perfect doughnut and then decorated (in an Insta-worthy manner, of course) with toasted sesame seeds, paper-thin slices of cucumber, fresh sashimi and caviar—yeah, we’re salivating too. The best thing about these sushi-doughnut hybrids? They may or may not be filled with avo which we didn’t even realise until we dug in....

Head over to Sushi Pac to grab yours asap and don’t blame us if you end up with a sushi doughnut habit—they really are that good.

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Image Credit: Georgia Young

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