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The Dirty Bread Trend Has Hit Auckland And We Can’t Even

By Albert Cho
20th Apr 2018

We Introduce You To The Dirty Bread

Chances are, you've never heard of the dirty bread trend. But, come closer because you REALLY need to know about it! Referred to as the “zang zang bao” which is “dirty dirty bread” in Chinese, it has been making waves in Asia. Huge lines of people wait outside local bakeries to get their hands on these babies and now Aucklanders can do the same!

So, let’s start off with explaining what this famous bread actually is and why it’s called dirty. It’s a flaky and moist chocolate pastry where the breading itself has been infused in chocolate as well as filled with a generous serving of chocolate that oozes out the sides every bite you take. What makes this devil even more special is that it is then coated in rich chocolate ganache and sprinkled with premium cocoa powder so it’s almost impossible to keep your mouth clean while you chow this bad boy down, hence why it’s called dirty bread!

This crazy new food trend has hit the streets of Auckland so we get to hop on the wagon too! La Couronne is located on High Street and is renowned for baking up some of the best Asian pastries in Auckland. These include the red bean bun, wife pastry and moon cakes and they have outdone themselves with not only treating us to the chocolate dirty bread but also a matcha version! So hop on it and don’t be scared to dirty up with your face with melted chocolate or matcha powder!

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Image Credit: Jaiden Bhaga and Albert Cho

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