We Love Cheese! | 20 Of Auckland’s Cheesiest Dishes

By Olivia Atkinson
27th Jan 2016

Cheese, glorious cheese. Quite possibly humanity’s greatest invention and something we take very (emphasis on the very) seriously here at The Urban List.  

Fortunately for us cheese fiends, there are plenty of cheese-focused feasts in Auckland, many of which we devour on the reg. Be it a crispy grilled cheese, oozy soufflé, deep-fried goats cheese, or a well-stocked cheese platter, there’s definitely no shortage of cheese dishes to keep our dairy quota up. 

A fellow cheese enthusiast yourself? Here are 20 of Auckland’s best cheese dishes for you to track down and devour. 

  1. The Dairy crew are basically the cheese kings of Auckland. Their grilled cheddar cheese sammy with pulled pork on sourdough is the goods. 
  2. A whole menu dedicated to mac n’ cheese? Johnny Barr’s has got the right idea. Take your pick between cheddar and chorizo, brie and chives, and gruyere and truffled mushroom. 
  3. Twice-baked goats cheese soufflé at The Engine Room. It’s like eating a fluffy cheese cloud of happiness. 
  4. The Fed’s grilled truffle ‘n cheese sandwich is an epic marriage of gruyere, Swiss and cheese curds with truffle salt. 
  5. Gorgonzola cream, smoked provolone, parmesan and fresh rocket pasta at Covo. So damn good. 
  6. Crumbed deep-fried goats cheese, runny honey and toasted almonds from Bellota. Need we say more? 
  7. Cheese tastes better from up high, don’t ya know? The Posh One cheese sandwich at Sky Café is loaded with Kikorangi Blue, mushies and apricot chutney. 
  8. The Quattro Formaggi at SetteBello. Mozzarella, gorgonzola, buffalo ricotta and parmigiano. Holy moly. 
  9. Is there anything more comforting than an oozy mac ‘n cheese? The answer is no, and The Grill knows exactly how its done. 
  10. You’ll find the simple yet beautiful union of mozzarella, tomato, extra virgin olive oil and balsamic at Venosa. Caprese lovers, this restaurant is your new BFF. 
  11. Zip out to Puhoi Valley Café & Cheese Store for the cheesiest day of your life. Sample welsh rarebit, embrace your inner kid with mousetraps, or do the right thing and opt for their cellar ripened cheese platter. 
  12. Every style of cheesecake at Frasers in Mt Eden. From banoffee pie to the classic NYC baked, you’re going to want them all. 
  13. Deep-fried crumbed Portobello mushroom, THREE cheese sauce, tomato, lettuce and red onion on a charcoal bun. Bring it on, Fokker Bros
  14. Taste ALL the cheese at Il Casaro cheese store in Wairau Valley. With fresh mozz, ricotta, stracchino, provolone, cacioricotta and a bunch of other cheeses you’ll quickly develop an obsession for, it’s a cheese lovers dream. 
  15. Housemade ricotta, honey and pine nuts from Gusto At The Grand. A drool-worthy delight. 
  16. La Cigale’s Croque Monsieur. A cheese-based masterpiece available from the market each weekend. 100% worth dragging your butt out of bed for. 
  17. Duck fat potatoes, black truffle, mozzarella and cheddar jaffle from Weirdough & Tuck
  18. A dinner at Beirut must start with their fig leaf cheese curd. It’s a winner. 
  19. The croquettes from Citizen Park get us every time. Made up of mac 'n three cheese, brioche and blackened corn relish, how could you resist?
  20. Bagels and cheese go hand in hand. Best Ugly are all about the Swiss, which they serve on their Yodi alongside pastrami, habanero mustard and a pickle. Or get amongst one of their cream cheese bagels. 

Looking for other cheesy dishes? We’ve got more in our guide to Auckland’s 25 Best Fat Feeds. 

Image credit: Jackielyn Powell

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