Morning, Noon Or Night: When Is The Best Time To Run?

By Esté Swanepoel
19th Jun 2018

What's The Best Time To Run?

You’re too busy, it’s too cold, it’s too hot, it’s too dark, it’s raining—the list goes on. However, it’s pretty widely acknowledged that running is actually quite good for you and there’s no stronger advocate for running than the team at Adidas Runners. They invited The Urban List along to a special sunrise edition of their weekly run club and this is what went to down.

Obviously, to make it on time to a sunrise run, you have to get up before the sun has actually risen. Challenge number one. I hauled myself out of bed, bundled up nice and warm and headed to the Adidas Performance store in Britomart. The morning run was hosted in celebration of the launch of Adidas’ newest running shoe, the solarBOOST. I was lucky enough to test out the shoes and while I can’t say I was moving at the speed of light, they definitely helped as we wound our way up towards the Auckland Domain. The hill was tough, but the rosy sunrise at the top was well worth it.

After the run we refueled with a delicious breakfast at Ortolana and I picked Adidas athlete Lana van Hout’s brain for tips on how to make running easier for us rookies. If there’s anyone who knows a thing or two about being busy, it’s Lana. A full-time athlete, part-time student, brand ambassador, model and content creator, Lana somehow manages to train seven days a week and clock up between 100—120 kilometres per week. The solarBOOST is all about running with sunrise or sunset and finding your best time to run, so I asked Lana what her take on things were.

Whether you run in the morning or the evening or somewhere in between, Lana reckons there’s pros and cons either way. She prefers to run in the morning as it “sets you up for the day” and helps her feel more alert and awake. Lana admits that it can be tough to leave your snuggly bed on a cold winter’s morning, but it makes running a priority and ensures you fit it in. While morning is her favourite time to run, Lana’s running schedule is flexible depending on what else she’s got on that day. Lana says evening runs sometimes feel more productive as you might have more energy than you did first thing in the morning, plus you get the chance to catch a beautiful sunset. While it gets dark pretty early these days, an evening run can be a good way to unwind and clear your head after a stressful day.

Ultimately, Lana says the best time to run is whenever you can fit it in. Whether that’s morning, midday or evening, the best time to run is whatever fits in with your schedule and helps you get the most out of it. Guess that means no more 6am runs for me then!

Image Credit: Adidas

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