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Get Your Brows Done At Benefit This May And Give Other Women A Hand Up!

By Marilynn McLachlan
7th May 2018

where to get your brows done in auckland

Ka-brow! Yep, we love a good brow! Once women were waxing them into oblivion and making them into pencil-thin lines arching across eyes, but now, brows return as the shizzle. Bold is beautiful, right? We think so.

But bold doesn’t mean messy, oh no! Finding the perfect eyebrow for your face shape is a skill and, lucky for us Aucklanders, there’s no need to fumble in the mirror at home leading to wonky brows and bare patches where you over-plucked a little too much.

This is all because we have Benefit—that fab brow place that set up shop in Ponsonby last year to much excitement. They’ll measure your face and wax and pluck until you look like the star you were born to be.

But this May, something very special is happening at Benefit—and you need to be there. They’re working with Dress For Success to transform brows for bolder futures. Dress for Success, is a charity that works to help every woman, no matter where she comes from, to reach her potential. 

The charity provides local women they're going places and going strong. This includes providing clothes for interviews and/or employment, interview coaching, career skills workshops and job retention skills. And, this May, Benefit (and you!) is jumping on board to help this magnificent charity continue to do their epic work. 

Throughout the month of May, you’ll have a chance to make a real difference to those women who need a hand up, because a whopping $15 from every Benefit Brow Wax Service will go to Dress for Success.

So, make May the month you transform not only your own brows, but make a real difference in the life of someone you’ve never met. Head along to Benefit and get those brows looking fab—it’s really that simple to bring a bit of hope to someone who needs it.

The Deets:

What: Bold Is Beautiful

When: Throughout May

Where: Benefit Brow Bar Ponsonby, Smith & Caughey’s Newmarket and CBD

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