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Snuggle Up And Sip Down On Auckland’s Best Mulled Wines

By Georgia Summerton
9th Aug 2019

Where To Drink Mulled Wine In Auckland

Yes, winter can be miserable, your toes are always frozen, hair is always wind-blown and nose sniffles become a constant. But let's look at the positives—you can justify weekends not leaving your bed, eat the ultimate comfort food (lasagne and pumpkin soup on rotation) annnnd best of all can indulge in mulled wine erry day. 

There is nothing like a boozy mug of piping hot red vino brewed with cinnamon, cloves, star anise and orange zest to warm your insides. Some of Auckland’s best bars are totally on our page and have concocted their own version of mulled wine to keep you toasted on a chilly winter’s night, or should that be toasty... yes... yes... toasty. 

Here are the best places to drink mulled wine in Auckland.



If you are a sucker for Spanish tapas then you will surely know about Bellota by Peter Gordon. Authentic and incredibly delicious, the food served up will hit the spot every time—and the wine offering will blow you out of the water. Peter’s mulled wine is a real favourite—red wine spiced with star anise, laced with citrus peel and muddled with a stick of cinnamon, that’ll do quite nicely.  

Parasol and Swing Company


Proudly sitting in one Auckland’s most coveted spots is Parasol and Swing Company. The ultra classy rooftop cocktail bar looks over the Viaduct harbour which makes sipping a bevvy even sweeter with the stunning views. Alongside their heated cocktails menu is their special mulled wine—blended, spiced, batched and kept perfectly heated in a water bath until service. The cherry mulled wine is the perfect cold weather repellent, served by the glass or bottle. 



If ambience is what you are after, then Caretaker is where you are heading. The New York style cocktail lounge is inspired by the golden era of bartending, meaning you will have an expert creating your drinks all evening—these guys seriously know what they are doing. While the ever changing menu can be hard to choose from, the ‘bishop’ is an easy pick on a cold night. Hot rum or brandy with nutmeg, lime sugar and red wine, it’s kind of like a mulled wine and hot toddy in one.

The Corner Bar


Perched on the corner of Picton and Cook Street you will find the cosiest tapas bar and restaurant—The Corner. The casual spot is warm and welcoming with a friendly neighbourhood vibe, tasty food and good drinks. Their classic mulled wine will warm your cockles if you're seated outside and goes exceptionally well with a bowl of gourmet fries (loaded with truffle, parmesan salt, aioli and chilli jam). What a combo. 


Mt Albert

The guys at Chinoiserie know how to drag you out of your cosy hovel of a house even on the coldest of days. Gua bao and spicy mulled wine is what’s in store with a trip to this Mt Albert fave during winter. They have their concoction brewing away in a crock pot so all the flavours spend plenty of time mingling. We suggest you order a couple of glasses—it’s addictive.

The Birdcage Tavern

Freemans Bay

Serving locals since 1885, referring to The Birdcage Tavern as a bar would be an understatement. This institution has become a go-to destination for many Aucklanders wanting a laid back night with a drink or two. They sure know how to give us what we want during the cold months—a glass of their boozy mulled wine with four pillars shiraz gin, blood orange liquer, syrah, spices and bitters is out of this world good.  

Pocket Bar & Kitchen

Grey Lynn

Pocket Bar & Kitchen is the Grey Lynn local that has your back this winter with their special mulled wine made with pinot noir and a whole lotta love. They brew their mulled wine with mandarins picked from their own garden plus all the classic spices we love, to create something seriously soul warming. 

Coco’s Cantina

K Road 

Trust Coco’s Cantina to whip up one of the best mulled wines in Auckland. This legendary restaurant knows how to keep us nice and snug via spag and meatballs, mulled wine and warming Italian hospitality. It’s the ultimate feel good combination, so when the colds getting you down you know where to go.

The Bramble


When the chill settles in so do the hot drinks at The Bramble. Their mulled wine is rich and spicy, a little on the heavier side and will have you warmed from the inside out. As far as warm drinks go there is also a hot buttered rum with hakanoa ginger, brown suga, Lewis Road butter and orange peel and the Irish tea with Irish whiskey, brown sugar and clove studded lemon. Why not one of each? 

Vodka Room


Nestled in the heart of Ponsonby is Russian-inspired bar and eatery The Vodka Room. Not only do they have an endless selection of vodka but they’re brewing up a special mulled wine for the colder seasons. Mamma Russia's mulled wine is soul soothing and just what you’re craving on a chilly afternoon. 

Freida Margolis

Grey Lynn

Freida Margolis is a quaint little neighbourhood bar tucked away in Grey Lynn. Enjoy the small corner bar's warm ambience with a good glass of mulled wine. They also do other classic drinks like the espresso martini which will give you the kick you need to brave the cold outside. 


Princes Wharf

Arguably one of the fanciest bars in Auckland, Bellini is located at none other than the lounge of the world-renowned luxury hotel, The Hilton. With an endless amount of different selections of wine, Bellini Bar aren't strangers to the concoction of mulled wine. Usually incorporated into their menus as a 'special', keep an eye out for their mulled wine as it is the perfect accompaniment to their infamous raclette cheese dish. 

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