Where To Eat In Auckland When You’re On A Keto Diet

By Albert Cho
12th Aug 2019

Where To Eat In Auckland When You’re On A Keto Diet

Every year there seems to be a new diet that becomes all the rage, the trend mill rolls faster than fashion! Once it was gluten free, then dairy free was what it was all about and now everyone is just talking about keto. Although all these diets say different things, they all come with the same problem—the challenge of dining out!

So, if you're like the many who have embraced this trend, here's where to eat in Auckland when you're on a keto diet. 

Odettes Eatery

City Works Depot

From the ambience to the food, Odettes Eatery is a crowd favourite for Aucklanders, with something for everyone on the menu. Their iconic Odettes Complete can easily be turned keto by replacing the slice of toast for some extra spinach. The dish is a selection of breakfast staples and is simplicity at its best. Wilted spinach on a bed of purely whipped feta, half an avocado, your choice of bacon or salmon, two poached eggs or scrambled and juicy chunks of tomato, yes please! Odettes have a wide protein selection for the dinner time so don’t be shy to call their waiters and waitresses and tell them about your dietary requirements and they’ll cook your meat up with no sugary sauces or dressings, easy!

Welcome Eatery


Welcome Eatery welcomes everybody into their café, including our keto friends! Get amongst their King Salmon dish as this is every keto’s go-to order at Welcome. The salmon is grilled along with a side of dill scrambled eggs, crème fraiche and sprinkled with crispy seaweed. Tell them to hold the slice of freedom loaf toast as that’s not what the keto life is about. Instead, replace it for some juicy mushrooms which Welcome seem to sautee to perfection every damn time.

The Pie Piper And Doornuts

Auckland City 

Turns out you can have your cake and eat it too. Going sugarfree no longer means your sweet tooth has to suffer, because The Pie Piper has created a keto chocolate cake which will satisfy all your cake cravings. Made using alternative low-carb sugars and flours, this rich and decadent chocolate cake will have you and your sugar loving friends fooled–it's that good. 

Boy & Bird


Winner winner, chicken dinner at Boy & Bird! Boy & Bird don’t just serve the tastiest hot rolls in town, they also serve up delicious roast chicken which is, of course, keto. We know this will be hard for you to do as they’re just so good but you’ll have to replace the potatoes for their coleslaw. The keto lifestyle says no to potatoes but don’t you worry as Boy & Bird’s coleslaw is a 10 out of 10 and you won’t even feel like you’re missing out!

Burger Burger

Ponsonby, Takapuna & Newmarket

Yup, you heard that right. Keto pals can get their burger fix and Burger Burger! These guys were the first to wow the health nuts of Auckland with their bunnuce option of replacing the buns for a lettuce wrap, genius! Just ask them to hold the sauces and you’re good to go. Now it wouldn’t be a Burger Burger experience without at least one of their sides and their chargrilled broccoli tastes so good that even your non-keto mates might beat you to it when it comes to adding this order to the table.

Little Bird Organics


Made famous for putting vegan food on the Auckland foodie scene since way back, it's no surprise that Little Bird Organics are also leading the way with their range of keto friendly meals and desserts. During the day, you can't miss the opportunity to get your daily dose of #health by slurping up one of their smoothies jam packed with veggies and superfoods, before following it up with a bowl of their sprouted raw granola or seeded bagel with sundried tomato aioli and pesto – low carb never tasted so good. Even better, Little Bird has recently opened up for dinner service too. Try out their flavoursome shitake broth and kelp noodle soup, or give their carbonara (minus the carbs) a go – the parsnip noodles make for an interesting twist on this classic dish. 

Sip Kitchen

Newmarket & Rosedale

If you're after a meal that'll leave you feeling healthier the second you eat it, then look no further than Sip Kitchen – this wholefoods cafe doesn't mess around when it comes to delicious, nutritious food, so it's no surprise that their keto meals are will have you forgetting you ever thought you needed carbs. If you're after a nutrient hit like no other, then opt for their "Green Plate" – a buddha bowl style meal packed with keto crackers, cauliflower hummus, sauerkraut, sprouts, and eggs. For something a little more decadent you can't go past their salmon cakes, with sour cream, avocado, eggs, and greens. Of course, it would be rude to leave without picking up a little sweet treat for the road – we recommend their tahini mocha cheesecake or sugarfree caramel slice. 

Yeah Bowl

Britomart & Takapuna

Poké is all the rage at the moment, and lucky for us, Yeah Bowl's Japanese inspired build-your-own style bowls are super easy to make keto. First you choose your base (lowcarb salad of course), then pick your veggies from their salad bar, add on your choice of protein, dress it in Yeah Sauce and some crunchy toppings, and voila you have a protein and flavour packed bowl to go. 



Italian restaurants seem to forbidden when you’re on a keto fix but Amano has more than just carby pasta and sugary desserts! They have a range of meat and seafood, and the service at Amano is the cream of the crop, which means they’ll be more than happy to put the dressings and sauces on the side for you. The chargrilled kahawai is a staple at Amano and their vegetable sides are not to be missed. Get amongst their brussel sprouts doused in butter, almonds and chilli and their cauliflower drenched in cheese and cream and get ready for mad looks of food envy.

The Raw Kitchen

City Works Depot 

Lunch options have never been so easy with the salads on offer at The Raw Kitchen. Replacing noodles with zucchini and rice with cauliflower, The Raw Kitchen was made for people on the keto buzz. The stand-out treat id the keto slice! A sweet treat is hard to find when you’re on a keto diet but The Raw Kitchen whip up a plant-based slice which is sweetened by stevia and have less than four grams of carbs per serving.

El Sizzling Chorizo


For those who did not know, yes, chorizos are keto-friendly which makes El Sizzling Chorizo a favourite! Serving the tastiest pork and lamb chorizos in town which come with a side of greens, the only challenge will be turning down the complimentary side of freshly toasted, warm bread. However, fighting the urge to give in to the carby goodness just becomes easier when the mains arrive at the table. Their wide selection of meats are all cooked to perfection and served with the tastiest chimichurri sauce, you’re bound to forget that you’re even on a diet!

Wildfire Churrascaria

Princes Wharf

Speaking of meat, we couldn’t miss out on mentioning the utopia of meat—Wildfire Churrascaria. We like to think of dining at this restaurant so much more than just a simple meal, it’s an experience. The Brazilian steakhouse provides constant service with the finest cuts of meat with the smokiest charcoal flavours and they don’t stop until you’re stuffed and can’t take any more. Pork, chicken, lamb, beef, seafood, they have all the keto staples and cold seafood platter is not to be missed.

Viet Kitchen

Mt. Eden

When we say Vietnamese food, you probably think of endless amounts of noodles, rice and comforting carbs. Although those are some of our favourite things in Vietnamese cuisine, the real magic is in the flavours of their meat and the depth of their broth. Try the beef pho but replace the noodles with mung beans and veggies and you’ll have the tastiest bowl of soup. Viet Kitchen also serves a traditional Vietnamese dish called banh xeo which is a low carb omelette packed with herbs, pork and prawn.


St. Heliers, New Lynn & Milford

Japanese cuisine isn’t only limited to sushi rolls and rice donburi and Musashi showcases the versatility and keto friendliness of Japanese food. At Musashi you get the options of sashimi or grilling your own wagyu beef steak for the meat lovers. The hot pots are also not to be missed but remember to tell the staff to go light on the miso and soy sauce seasoning for the broth as too much of that is a no-no for the keto life!



Constantly swapping and switching for alternatives to keto-fy your meal can get pretty annoying but you don’t need to make any modifications at Catroux. They make fresh keto lunch boxes on the daily and they make sure these little boxes are packed with maximum flavour. On top of that, Catroux is the only café in Auckland that do a baked, fully vegan keto cake! Get amongst their low carb chocolate raspberry cake, it tastes so good that you would never guess that this baby gets a tick for the diet!

Bird On A Wire

Ponsonby, Orakei, Takapuna 

There's nothing more keto than grilled chicken, so lucky for those ditching the carbs, Bird On A Wire have perfected chicken down to a fine art. Making sticking to the keto diet even easier, the build your own meal option is ideal for keeping that protein and fat ratio high. First you choose your chook, then add some sauce (we recommend confit garlic herb and lemon), then add a side such as the roasted cauliflower, and finally pop a bit of extra health on the side with one of their salads – delish! 

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Image credit: Jaiden Bhaga at El Sizzling Chorizo

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