Where To Eat Oysters & Drink Champagne In Auckland

By Bella Askelund
14th Feb 2018

Where To Eat Oysters & Drink Champagne In Auckland

In life there are few duos that can’t be beaten. We thought Brad and Angelina were one, but then 2017 happened. We thought PB and J sammies were one, but then almond butter happened. To all the brooding hearts however, we have good news. There remains one duo in life holding its title—the unbeatable oyster and champagne pair is officially back for another season and we couldn’t be happier.

To make the most of everyones favourite duo, we’ve done what we do best and made a list! Here are all the places you need to go to eat oysters and drink champagne in Auckland. Go on you—go be fabulous!

Oyster and Chop

Auckland Viaduct

Slurping on a Bluff oyster and sipping on a glass of Champagne at Oyster and Chop's Oyster Bar is an experience every Aucklander must have. From the ample varieties of oysters displayed in front of you to the delicate selection of wine right through to the adjacent harbour views—it’s as close to perfection as one can find. Particularly when we time our visit with their daily happy hour… where you can slurp oysters at just $2 bucks a pop! We’ll take the lot, thank you.

Depot Eatery

Auckland CBD

Al Brown has a thing for creating frickin’ good restaurants and Depot is no exception. The entire place encapsulates his attitutde towards food—'in season, beautifully cooked and to be enjoyed with friends'. So, do as he says, and go enjoy some oysters! We recommend the Orongo Bay oysters from Russell, they’re deliciously plump and creamy and go hand-in-hand with a glass (or three) of the Laurent-Perrier Brut Cuvee Rose.

Rockefeller Champagne and Oyster Bar

Auckland CBD

Rockefeller—AKA the home of luxury punk—packs new heat to Auckland’s oyster game. The place oozes style and considering oysters are one of the rare foods that increase sexual libido… let’s just say it’s a pretty perfect match. Take your pick between raw or cooked oysters and wash them down with a shared bottle of bubbly. If you’re vibing something a little different, order the infamous cooked wasabi tempura oysters. Served with wasabi mayo, lemon and chilli salt, these bad boys are a game changer.

Euro Bar & Restaurant

Auckland Viaduct

Some days call for oysters with a side of Champagne while other days call for Champagne with a side of oysters… no judgement intended. For the days that require the latter, Euro is where you need to be. With one of the best wine lists in town—and some of the tastiest oysters—reserve a table outside and begin soaking up every last luxury on offer. 

The Oyster Inn


A trip to The Oyster Inn is a trip to a Euro summer—the expensive plane ticket is simply swapped with a cheeky ferry ride. We can’t get enough of this place! From the yellow thatch chairs, ocean views, balmy feels and oh we almost forgot, dozens and dozens of deliciously plump oysters! Priding themselves on using locally sourced ingredients, it’s no surprise the team boast world famous Waiheke Te Matuku oysters. Hop on a ferry at the next chance you get because an afternoon of the finest luxuries life has to offer awaits! It's so good we'd go solo. 

The Culpepper

Auckland Viaduct

Boasting a menu to seriously salivate over, the oysters at The Culpepper are just one of the many delicacies on offer. Nonetheless, slurp down a few freshly-opened Bluffs before you head to the main course. Either stick to the seafood buzz and order the fresh catch of the day or indulge in the awesome Wagyu Kiwi burger—yep, that’s literally what it’s called. Offering one of the most picturesque views in Auckland, bubbly is nothing short of a necessity. Date night, anyone?

Soul Bar & Bistro

Auckland Viaduct

The fact that Soul Bar serves up damn good osyters makes us smile. The fact they serve up equally as good Champagne is enough to make that smile never leave our face. The freshly shucked oysters are served with horesradish and mignonette while the hot oysters are a sight straight from our dreams. Think beer battered oysters with blue cheese sauce or grilled with bacon and shallots—we'll take both, please! Pro tip: make sure you nab a seat outside to maximise your people watching abilities.

Image Credit: Oyster & Chop

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