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Where To Find Auckland’s Golden Frames

By Albert Cho
18th May 2018

Where To Find Auckland’s Golden Frames

Whether you’re in Auckland for a visit or have been living here your whole life, we can almost guarantee that you have a photo of you and your family or group of friends posing in one of those gigantic golden frames. You don’t have to be a tourist to appreciate these gems spread around town and here’s where to find the golden frames around Auckland!

Now that the Waitakere Ranges have closed, many of these iconic golden frames have become off limits. But don’t fear as there are still a few that remain standing strong for our picture perfect moment! Here’s a round-up of where you can still access the big golden frames around Auckland.

Shakespear Regional Park


Located on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula is the family-friendly Shakespear Regional Park. The wide-open space and lush greenery has made Shakespear one of the most visited parks in Auckland. Enjoy a nice day out wandering around this open sanctuary and remember to take your picture perfect moment at the golden frame that captures the beautiful background views of this glorious park.

Ambury Regional Park


For ultimate countryside farm vibes, Ambury Regional Park is the ideal place for you. With farm animals wandering free on the big prairie, this park is where to be for sheep spotting and interactive hiking. The golden frame catches the rural beauty of Ambury Regional Park and the warm colour scheme of yellowy-green grass and golden sun.

Long Bay Regional Park

Long Bay

Open BBQ stands, right next to the beach with a huge field covered with Pohutukawa trees, Long Bay Regional Park embraces all things that are Kiwiana. The golden frame manages to catch a bit of everything at long bay. From the crashing waves of the ocean to the corners being filled with the ends of the Pohutukawa tree, you’ll get the photo of ultimate Kiwi summer vibes.

Awhitu Regional Park


If you want to take your background setting of the beach to the next level, head on over to Awhitu Regional Park. This park is the epitome of tranquillity and peace and the golden frame over here arguably provides the prettiest picture. Located on top of a mountain, you get the stunning imagery of the ocean view and beautiful white sand which is enhanced by the forestry surrounding the beach.

Tapapakanga Regional Park


This beautiful coastal farm park doesn’t just have a golden frame to capture the memories but it’s also rich in Maori and European history. Take the time to read the information boards scattered around Tapapakanga Regional Park to give your full appreciation to this landmark! The Historic Loop track is an easy walk that’ll only cost you less than an hour for some good old educating of New Zealand.

Mahurangi Park

Mahurangi West

The home to not one, not two but THREE beaches! With endless ocean views and peaking mountains found at every turn, Mahurangi is a park that is picturesque and definitely suited to have one of these golden frames to capture all the loveliness! It’s a bit of a drive from the CBD (65km to be exact) and is the perfect location for a wee day trip.

Arataki Visitor Centre

Sullivans Bay

Waterfalls, black sand beaches, gigantic Kauri trees and yes, golden frames! There really isn’t anything to not love about Arataki Visitor Centre. Still accessible after the closing of the Waitakere Ranges, the chance to experience this gem remains. Arataki also offers scenic walks and a stunning scenery to take your breath away so hop on in and remember to clean your footwear to protect the New Zealand forestry!

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Image Credit: Marilynn McLachlan 

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