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Where To Find The Best Chocolate Croissants In Auckland

By Albert Cho
22nd Mar 2018

Where To Find The Best Chocolate Croissants In Auckland

So we’ve written a list on where to find the best croissants in Auckland but we realized that we haven’t shown the chocolate croissant the same respect! The chocolate croissant (or pain au chocolat, if you can pronounce that without sounding like a fool) is a classic staple to any bakery or pastry shop. They can be found at so many places but the real question here is, where do they do this staple justice? To answer this question, we put our healthy diets on hold and spent many mornings by breaking the fast with a buttery, chocolatey, delicious pastry… just for you, of course! After consuming enough butter and chocolate to feed a nation, we have broken down list about where to find the best chocolate croissants in Auckland and what makes them different to the rest.



The classic, buttery, sweet and flaky chocolate croissant can be found at Amano. Their bakery is hustling from the early hours of the morning till 3pm and these babies are one of the first things to run out. Amano stays true to the authentic French chocolate croissant by focusing in the flaky layers of the pastry and treating the chocolate as an enhancement of richness and sweetness rather than overpowering it. With the décor and ambience this place provides, the best way to enjoy an Amano chocolate croissant is to add a coffee to your order, grab a table and slowly enjoy.

Paneton Bakery


When you want a chocolate croissant that is balanced as in not too butter, not too chocolatey, not too flaky but not too chewy, Paneton has got you covered. Their chocolate croissants are glistening with their butter glaze and has the perfect amount of chocolate with a level of sweetness that is just right. Paneton’s chocolate croissants are for those days when you feel like an indulgent breakfast but can’t seem to commit to something that is too rich and sweet for the first meal of the morning. Paneton also have frozen roll-your-own packages which means you can make your kitchen at home smell like a local French bakery.

La Cigale


How could we write an article about French pastries and not include the La Cigale French Markets? Every weekend, the bakers get up early in the morning to provide us with oven fresh pastries and other treats. Their chocolate croissants have a crispy exterior that’s been sweetened with a generous amount of powdered sugar. The chocolate inside has a strong cocoa base and the bitterness cuts through the buttery pastry, balancing all the flavours. Pro tip: ask the bakers when the next round of chocolate croissants will come out of the oven and get one fresh, it’s truly worth the wait.

Daily Bread

Pt. Chev

These guys are new to the Auckland bakery scene and are absolutely killing it with their fresh pastries. Daily Bread’s chocolate croissant is flaky, crispy and buttery with a good amount of melted chocolate inside. What makes this one a little different is that their chocolate croissants have a saltier taste to them. This may sound a little strange but it actually creates a harmony with the sweet melted chocolate and compliments the buttery flavour of the pastry more than any other bakery in town.

Scratch Bakers HQ


This gem is tucked away on Graham St and serve up absolute deliciousness. Although the star of this place are their cakes and doughnuts, their chocolate croissants are also top notch. Their chocolate croissants are baked until very golden which makes them hella crispy and also give the flavour another layer of depth. Pro tip: these crispy pastries are perfect when dipped in to a hot coffee. Scratch Bakers HQ also drizzle not just milk chocolate on top of their chocolate croissants but also white chocolate to give it that extra sweetness.

Pandoro Panetteria

CBD, Parnell, Mt. Eden, Mt. Wellington

Although authentic is great, sometimes we just want a little something extra and fun. Pandoro’s chocolate croissants don’t go light on the chocolate at all. The chocolate inside has oozed out of the pastry during the baking process and has cooled down and hardened. While the ends of the pastry have crispy chocolate, the inside is pure melted goodness which extra chocolate drizzled on top. The pastry itself is soft and has more of a chewy texture. They’re similar to the pastries us Kiwis are more used to which gives them a more nostalgic affect. Pandoro is the perfect place to satisfy your chocolate croissant craving when you’re busy and only have time for a quick stop in the morning.

Olaf’s Artisan Bakery & Café

Mt. Eden

Walk in to Olaf’s and try not to drool when your eyes land on their cabinet of pastries and tarts. Olaf’s head pastry chef is Portuguese and has mastered the art of French baking. They have the good old chocolate croissant but they decided to take things up a notch by combining the chocolate croissant with another crowd favourite, the almond croissant. The chocolate and almond meal filling makes their chocolate croissant super moist and decadent and the crispy almond top layer adds so much more texture.



This North Shore gem deserves a mention as they not only produce a solid 10/10 chocolate croissant but they have added their own twist on things to makes it a little more special. Guys, we’re talking chocolate croissant pudding. Imagine the good old bread and butter pudding but instead of just bread, Chateaubriant have decided to add a buttery, decadent chocolate croissant to create the most delicious and indulgent treat. You North Shore locals are so lucky to be living close to this beast!

4&20 Bakery


Something about the chocolate croissant here just tastes more premium than a lot of other places we’ve tried. The chocolate inside is rich, dark and the perfect balance between sweet and bitter. After further research, we found out that they use premium quality Belgian chocolate for their goodies, no wonder! The chocolate croissants from 4&20 also have a glazing that is sweet and buttery which just adds to the deliciousness of the freshly baked pastry. These guys also do the killer combo of chocolate almond croissants that are definitely worth a try.

Tart Bakery

Grey Lynn & K’Road

Tart Bakery is New Zealand’s first vegan bakery and they’re doing things that we didn’t think was possible. Think about it, a chocolate croissant with no milk or butter? Don’t be fooled by the lack of dairy as these babies taste like the real deal. Tart have somehow managed to bring out a buttery, chocolatey flavour and flaky texture with their vegan chocolate croissant and we’re all here for it. Also, something about it being vegan makes us feel like we’re still breaking the fast in a healthy way!

La Voie Française

Mt. Roskill

Renowned for their amazing plain butter croissants, these guys don’t play around when it comes to their pastries as their chocolate croissants are just as good. The pastry is packed with sweetness but the texture is light and crispy. Some people even that La Voie Française produces baked goods that taste most similar to the ones they tried in Paris! The vibe of the bakery will also make you feel like you’re in France with their interior and the board with the French word of the day.

Patisserie Vaniye


Their chocolate croissants can easily be outshone by their cabinet of gorgeous treats like their petit gateaux’s and macarons. But show their pastries some love because they deserve it. If you have a strong love for butter, Patisserie Vaniye have the chocolate croissant for you. The pastry leaves a creamy feel to the palate as it’s so moist but it’s not overwhelming. The chocolate acts as a compliment to the creamy butter rather than being treated as the star of the pastry.  

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