Where To Find The Best Pastries In Auckland

By Dasha Koryagina
3rd Oct 2017

Pastry, glorious pastry… crisp and crunchy, soft and chewy, sweet and savoury... it comes in many shapes and forms, from various locations around the world. Pastry is universal. French croissants, Italian pizza, Canadian flat doughnuts and good ol’ Kiwi pies all have two things in common: 1) they’re made from pastry and 2) they’re damn delicious!

We’ve made it our personal mission to find the very best of pastries Auckland has to offer, so whatever your pastry heaven looks like, we’ve got you covered. Time to put on those stretchy pants!



It’s no secret that the French love pastry. In fact, they are so dedicated to this delectable art form that they indulge in it breakfast, lunch and dinner. And now you can too! Patisserie Vaniye will send you to pastry heaven with their individual desserts range, featuring an exquisite take on the traditional Millefeuille (hard to pronounce but easy to eat), sandwiching rich Tahitian vanilla cream between ‘1000 leaves’ puff pastry, resulting in crisp, creamy goodness. In the cabinet, you will find various flavours of macarons as well as the glorious French pastry king—the croissant, available in plain, chocolate or almond varieties.

La Cigale


Long hailed as the Olympus of all things French, it’s no wonder that La Cigale is the go-to for French pastry. Operating all week long, the café provides a wide choice of sweets and savouries, offering French pastry staples of croissants, palmiers, canales, macarons and eclairs, as well as filling pies of beef Bourgogne and tarragon chicken. Operating as a bistro three nights a week, the restaurant’s dessert options often feature Tarte Tatin—thin, flaky pastry on one side, caramelised apple on the other, topped with a hearty spoonful of cream… talk about divine! The weekend, however, is the real deal. Every Saturday and Sunday La Cigale transforms its grounds into a busy farmers' market. The café is joined by a separate bakery area, dishing out hot out-of-the-oven pastries all day long, numerous artisan stalls provide their selection of pastries and the café’s cabinet features seasonal tarts created by La Cigale’s sister business—bakery Amandine.

HeavenScent Food Co.


The French may love their pastries, but we Kiwis love pies. Hearty fillings, cuddled by soft yet crisp, utterly delicious pastry. Perched up above St Patrick’s Square is HeavenScent, serving up pies that dreams are made of. Bite into their award-winning beef, port wine and blue cheese combination or try the fillings of braised pork belly, lamb, or the coconut chicken and cashew combo. For the vege population there’s the spinach, feta and pine nuts number. Offering a pie and beer combo daily, why would you go anywhere else?



Miann is a restaurant dedicated to dessert only. There’s a variety of dining options—choose a dessert from the cabinet or from the a la carte menu, devour a bunch of macarons, pick an assortment of handmade chocolates or go for gold and have the entire dessert degustation! Miann focuses on modern-style plating and their creations are multi-layered, with a variety of elements making up each dish. Their pastry is always on point, their chocolate rich and their gelato creamy.



Hidden down an alleyway in Britomart, Milse is another dessert-only establishment. Their pastry chefs are the masters of all things sweet, creating various macaron flavours like green apple and earl grey, with a firm shell on the outside and divine sweet fillings on the inside. They also offer a variety of cabinet desserts, gelato sticks, chocolates and tarts. Try their chai and pear mille-feuille or the rhubarb, buttermilk and pistachio tart for a taste of that famous tart pastry! If a dessert coma is your goal, go for the entire degustation menu.

The Store


Located in Britomart, The Store aims to create a world class dining experience for Aucklanders. Following a ‘real food’ philosophy, all ingredients are of the highest quality, delivered raw and cooked in a simple manner, without overcomplicating or masking components. You can either dine in their al fresco seating or take away—it's up to you! Pastry-wise, The Store offers fantastic European-style treats encased in gorgeous pastry, both sweet and savoury. There are five different pie flavours to choose from: beef and red wine, lamb and rosemary, smoked fish, chicken and pumpkin and caramelised onion as well as a wide selection of tarts. Their must-have sweet numbers include the cinnamon brioche, ricotta tart and the superb salted caramel doughnut.

Amano Bakery


Italian-French fusion bakery focusing on simplicity, Amano believes that food should be simple, wholesome and nutritious, made by hand and made with love. In support of environmentalism, Amano use sustainable, locally sourced ingredients to make their masterpieces. Enjoy a French Viennoiserie range breakfast featuring croissants and cravats, or a traditional Italian pizza for lunch—hot out of the oven, with fresh, simple ingredients sitting atop their signature long-fermented dough. Treat yourself to a sweet pastry for dessert and you’re in heaven!

Mustard Kitchen


Mustard Kitchen is where you’ll find all the traditional lunch bar feeds made by dedicated chefs from environmentally friendly ingredients. Savoury options include beef and mozzarella sausage roll and hearty pies in seven different flavours! Steak, ale and cheese are one of our favourites, along with the Mexican chicken. For a sugary fix, try one of Mustard Kitchen’s doughnuts—sweet, sticky and oh-so-satisfying.

Tart Bakery

Grey Lynn

Vegans rejoice. Just because you say no butter, doesn’t mean you have to say no to tasty pastry. That’s right, Tart Bakery in Grey Lynn is an ALL VEGAN BAKERY. The options here are endless—vegan croissants, danish pastries, cheesecakes, pies and sausage rolls, and even cream donuts! And with a new vegan experiment showcased every Saturday morning, the offerings just keep on growing!

The Pie Piper


Located on the infamous K’ Rd, The Pie Piper is introducing Kiwis to American-style pies, one delicious mouthful at a time. The menu changes weekly, tweaked by the bakers dedicated to providing a one of a kind experience. Some of our current favourites include the bourbon pecan and lemon-lime meringue pies, as well as lattice-top crust style creations: salted caramel apple and cherry pies. If you’re looking for a pie that’s not on the menu, you can always contact the shop to make your special order!

4&20 Bakery


The name says it all. If you have a case of the munchies and are looking to satisfy them with some seriously delicious baked goodness, 4&20 is the place. Baked freshly every day, all the pastry is made with 100% New Zealand butter, the chocolate is Belgian and the vanilla is from Madagascar. To put it simply, they only use the best ingredients to produce the most scrumptious of goodies. Try their Portuguese custard tart or the chocolate almond croissant and we guarantee you’ll fall in love!

Al’s Deli


Ever wondered what a Montreal dessert may look like? Wonder no more! Waltz into Al’s Deli and treat yourself to one of their pastry delights. Try their moose ears—freshly cooked hot wholemeal Canadian flat doughnut available in five different flavours including maple butter and bacon, yum! Otherwise, try their crunchy croissant bread and butter pudding served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and drizzled with salted caramel.

Little & Friday


Fresh, free-range, organic produce transformed into mouth-watering masterpieces. While there are a few different Little & Friday stores across Auckland, the Belmont store is where you will be treated to some of the best pastries you’ve tasted, well, ever. Operating in a high tea manner, daily from 10am-3pm, Little & Friday offers a range of both sweet and savoury finger foods. Devour their tasty tart pastry topped with savoury options of beetroot and blue cheese, mushroom and thyme, caramelised onion and feta, among others, or try their sweet: think sweet and sour citron tart, walnut and caramel tart, creamy donuts, and much more!

Custom Lane


Custom Lane has got it right when it comes to all things delish: doughnuts, pastries and croissants are all a-go here! Yep, we’re dead serious. A hotspot for cake and croissants by day, and then come night, this place dishes up some of the raddest cocktails around town—that’s just the kind of versatility we like to see. Best of all, this gem is located right in the city centre on Customs St (if you hadn’t guessed by the name), making it the perfect place for all you city slickers to stop by and get your pastry fix.

Philippes’ Chocolate and Pastries Shop

Grey Lynn

If there’s one thing we can always count on the French for, it’s hella good food. More specifically, hella good pastries. And Philippe's in Grey Lynn is just where you might find these. Whipped up by chefs hailing from the motherland, the pastries here are made in à-la-française and will have you dreaming of cobblestone streets and Parisian escapes. We guarantee you’ll have a tough time making a call as to which pastry you’ll take home with you. With options like pistachio raspberry scrolls, coconut and chocolate brioches and cinnamon scrolls among the classics, the team at Philippe’s don’t make choosing an easy feat.

Tart Bakery

Grey Lynn

No one should ever be denied the right to feast on the pure divine deliciousness that is croissants, pain-au-chocolats and all the beautiful pastries that have graced our lives with their tasty existence. Thankfully, the peeps at Tart Bakery have gone and whipped up a range of vegan pastries! Yep, that’s right, the pastries we know and love have a vegan, plant-based takeover thanks to this Grey Lynn bakery, so all our vegan pals can indulge in the flaky goodness.

Panetone Bakery

Auckland City

You say pastry, we say Panetone! Run by a French family who know what they’re doing when it comes to the pastry business, Pantone’s treats are the real deal. At their Halsey St bakery you’ll be able to choose from a whopper of a selection of freshly baked brioches, tarts and all kinds of warm, buttery comfort-food concoctions. Not only will you find some of Auckland’s best ready-made pastries here, you can also snag a pack of frozen croissants and Danishes to take home and bake whenever you please! Mmmmmmm… we can smell the sweet aroma of freshly baked croissants wafting though the house already.

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Image Credit: Jaiden Bhaga at 4&20 Bakery

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