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Where To Find The Cheapest Movie Tickets In Auckland

By Bella Askelund
19th Sep 2017

Where To Find The Cheapest Movie Tickets In Auckland

When your list of ‘wants’ could run circles around the entire Kardashian family, it’s safe to say saving isn't our strongest point. Lucky for us—and our bank accounts—the world seems to be all about that budget life! From cheap Kmart hauls to constant sales on the ol’ interweb, we’ve become quite the masters at scouting out a crackin’ bargain. 

With this in mind, we decided to do a round up of where to go to the movies on the cheap in Auckland. Because, let's face it, as much as we love watching Netflix, there's nothing quite as good as heading to a theatre and watching a movie on the big screen. 

And, it turns out Auckland has a myriad of ways to see your favourite flick for cheap! Kiss goodbye to the days where seeing a movie was a one-off wonder, you're about to become a familiar face to the crew behind the ticket counter…or the popcorn counter. Grab your beau or your bestie, because here's the low down on where to find the cheapest movie tickets in Auckland.

Reading Cinemas

New Lynn

Located in the LynMall Shopping Centre, the Reading Cinema is an absolute gem for a cheap movie night. Not only are general admission tickets $10, the premium cinema which boasts wide leather chairs and a full dinner and drinks menu is just $15 bucks! This is their take on Gold Class for a fraction of the price and we are soaking errry bit of it up. With Champagne and sliders on the menu, our Kimmy K dreams just became a reality. P.S. If you’re not feeling the premium vibe, there’s an abundance of food options in the mall downstairs—from Italian to Asian right through to a churro stand. This may just be the most idyllic spot for a date night.

Hoyts Cinemas

Botany Downs / Hibiscus Coast / Sylvia Park

Psst! Here's a top secret finding, you can score $10 tickets at any Hoyts Cinema by simply downloading the Vodafone app. We’re certainly one to lavish in loyalty rewards, so next time your at Sylvia Park getting your fashionista on, spare a lazy tenner for a post-shopping film. Hoyts boasts one of the most extensive selections of movies in Auckland, from boutique films to the best Blockbuster hits. Grab yourselves a large popcorn and a Diet-Coke (because we're all about that balance, right?) and pop your feet up for a few hours. Girls' day out, anybody? The more the merrier.

Academy Cinemas


Taking it out for Auckland’s cheapest movie tickets is Academy Cinema’s five dollar Wednesdays—yep, that’s five bucks! So ditch that third takeaway coffee of the day and use that mulah to catch a film. This twin-screen boutique cinema in the heart of Auckland City specialises in arthouse and independent cinema—hence why it’s located in the public library! You won’t find many big blockbusters streaming here, instead think solely unique films from teary dramas to hilarious comedies. For all you students, we may have found the perfect between-lecture hobby. Roll like L'Oreal and have a lil solo-time on ya Wednesday—because you're worth it. 

Berkeley Cinemas

Mission Bay / Takapuna

Unlike children, you’re allowed to have favourites when it comes to movie theatres. Well, the Berkeley Cinemas is definitely up there. As one of the oldest theatres in Auckland, it’s no wonder they celebrate an abundance of films, from independent comedies to full force action thrillers. What’s best, from Sundays to Wednesdays, the team boast tickets at just $10.90 a pop! Okay, we lied, it actually gets better. There’s Kapiti ice cream in a cone, wine and barista-made coffee and all the tastiest choc-delights behind the counter. Or, if you’re feeling like a million dollars, there’s a sneaky Movenpick right next to the Mission Bay theatre…Yep, they let you bring it in too.

Event Cinemas

Various locations

Hello cheap Tuesday! Where have you been all our lives? If you thought Event Cinemas was out of the question, ya thought wrong. Every Tuesday Event boasts $12.50 tickets for adults and $10.50 tickets for children. Considering the norm adult ticket has skyrocketed to $18.50, this is a pretty dope deal. Our favourite location has gotta be the Queen Street Cinema—it’s like a legit playground just making ya way to the top. There’s a huge games room, a glass lift and a pretty epic food court below. Plus, if you are up for a splurge, their gold class experience is holy s*** cool. The menu it offers sounds like its straight outta Gordon Ramsey’s kitchen—set to impress the best of critics! 

Lido Cinema


This is a haven for Epsom locals. You’ll find them here on the daily, enjoying a cheeky glass of Champagne or a decadent ice cream over a heavenly film. Lucky for you guys, we found out that the Lido Cinema offers $12.50 films on weekdays if you’re in before 5pm. And, following the cheap Tuesday bandwagon, it’s only $10.50 on Tuesdays! Considering every cinema in the Lido boasts the comfiest lazy boys around town, this is one deal you don’t want to miss. It helps that our favourite Little Jimmy’s restaurant is just down the road! I know we said cheap but c’mon, sometime’s a girls gotta splurge on a good meal every now and then.

Victoria Theatre And Cinema


One for the Shore locals—Victoria Theatre and Cinema is just what the name suggests, beautifully old fashioned in every way. Taking us back to the good ol’ days where Jaffa’s and popcorn were the go-to movie snacks, you’ll find one of the tastiest candy bars in Auckland here. Located in the heart of Devonport amongst an abundance of cafes and restaurants, it certainly helps that tickets are a teeny $9 on Tuesdays and then $14 through the rest of the week. 

Image Credit: The Oscars

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