Where To Get Epic Freakshakes In Auckland

By Olivia Atkinson
18th May 2017

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Unless you’ve been living under a lactose intolerant rock, you would have noticed that ‘Auckland’s best freakshakes’ is now a legitimate search term. Yep, these badass beverages are well and truly part of Auckland’s beverage scene and we quite literally couldn’t be more excited. Crazy, maxed out, there’s-a-doughnut-in-my-drink milkshakes are living amongst us and in typical Urban List fashion, we’ve made it our mission to find the absolute best freakshakes in Auckland.

Where are Auckland’s best freakshakes hiding? Wouldn’t you like to know! Here are all the best freakshakes in Auckland, for your slurpable #cheatday pleasure. Get ready to get yo’ freak on—Auckland’s best freakshakes aren’t going to let you down.

Shakedown Milk Bar


This funky milk bar waltzed into Britomart train station not too long ago and is already winning the hearts (and stomachs) of Auckland’s freakshake-lovers. Shakedown Milk Bar is all about bringing childhood dreams to life. We’re talking milkshakes, sammies, soft serve and of course, coffee, because we’re adult now and we need that shiz. But it’s their freakshakes that need your attention. These beauties are topped with brownies, ice cream cones and popcorn, and are some of the best freakshakes in Auckland town.

The Shelf

Auckland CBD

There’s a lot to love about The Shelf in High Street, but today, the focus is on their delish freakshakes. As some of the best freakshakes in Auckland’s CBD, they guys serve their shakes in cute handled mason jars in flavours such as Oreo, Tim Tim, Green Tea Kit Kat (topped with candy floss!) and so much more. Their other sweet treats deserve a shout-out, too. Order a slab of the caramel slice or the Belgian waffles and you’ll be in sugar-loaded heaven.

Fokker Bros

Auckland Waterfront

Ah, Fokker Bros, you never fail to deliver the calorific goods. This waterfront restaurant wowed us with their burgers and have now taken it upon themselves to churn out some of the best freakshakes in Auckland. What makes them unique is that Fokker Bros understand that there are two types of sweet fiends in this world—candy-cravers and chocoholics. Perhaps you’ll want to take a trip to Candy Mountain feat. strawberry milkshae, strawberry frosting, strawberry sauce, rainbow rocks, candy sprinkles, wagon wheel biscuits, sprinkles, marshmallows and a whole lotta gummy lollies. Or get amongst their choc freakshake topped with chocolate sauce, a s’mores doughnut (!), crushed chocolate, coated pretzels, Kit Kat and M&Ms. May the freakshake feasting force be with you. Fokker Bros definitely deserves a spot in Auckland’s best freakshakes line-up.

Al’s Deli

Auckland City & Kingsland

If you find yourself constantly torn between having a milkshake or a doughnut, then boy, do we have some life-changing news for you. Al’s Deli whips up a silky smooth Nutella milkshake then pops a doughnut on top for a glorious drink-meets-dessert experience. In fact, it’s one of the best freakshakes in Auckland and with three handy locations, it would be rude not to try it.  

Cereal Killa

Mt Eden

You could say that this cafe was responsible for sparking Auckland’s freakshake frenzy with their #killashakes. Cereal Killa continue to innovate and do miraculous things with sugary ingredients, making them one of the best freakshake spots in Auckland. These days, you’ll find freakshakes stacked with candy floss, cookies, waffles, ice cream sandwiches, cake, marshmallows...the list goes on and on. Better yet, Cereal Killa come up with special shakes on the reg—something that gives them a solid spot in Auckland’s best freakshake ranking.

Tucks & Bao


It’s no secret that we’re suckers for a fluffy filled bao bun and that’s what took us to Tucks & Bao in the first place. But imagine our delight when we discovered that they are also one of Auckland’s best freakshake spots. Choose between vanilla, chocolate, banana, strawberry, caramel, soda and spearmint and opt to make it ‘epic for an extra’. You’ll then be treated to a milkshake piled high with goodies. If you want to put your eating skillz to the test, give the Chairman Bao challenge a go. It’s a bao-ger stacked with two mince patties, six slices of cheese, 12 rashers of bacon, two burger salads and six Chinese pork sausages. It’s served with half a kilo of fries, three baby bao and a one-litre freakshake. Best of luck, champ.

Casa Del Gelato


Ever experienced the culinary beauty that is a Crunch Tower? Well, you can’t say you’ve tried all of Auckland’s best freakshakes until you have. These shakes live at Parnell’s Casa Del Gelato, where they’re packed to the gunnels with all sorts of delicious goodies–brownies, hokey pokey, ice cream, candy floss, Nutella, meringue, strawberries, doughnuts...we could keep going all day here. These epic freakshakes are blowing up Auckland Insta feeds like you wouldn’t believe but trust us, they need to be seen (and slurped!) in person. Keep in mind, Casa Del Gelato have ‘dessert deadlines’ so keep an eye on their Facebook page so you don’t miss some of the best freakshakes Auckland has to offer.

Image credit: Jemontoast via Cereal Killa Facebook

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