Auckland’s Best Yum Cha

By Albert Cho
1st Feb 2018

Auckland's Best Yum Cha

Yum cha is almost magical. It's perfect in that you can just pick a spot, turn up, and you've got a massive selection of delicious snacks on which to gorge upon. It's also a massively underrated hangover cure, especailly if you pair it with an ice cold can of Coke.

Auckland has plenty of great yum cha restaurants, and you've probably only just scratched the surface. So here are the best yum cha restaurants you can find in Auckland.

Sun World Chinese Restaurant


Located on York Street in Newmarket, Sun World Chinese Restaurant is absolutely booming on weekend mornings and there’s a reason for that. Serving up juicy pork xialongbao dumplings and a huge dessert range, it is a crowd favourite amongst Aucklanders. Be sure to finish your meal with their freshly made sesame balls, crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside and oozing with sweet, hot sesame paste. 


Auckland CBD 

Making waves with their modern interior and bomb tasting dishes, is Huami.  Their dishes have a premium twist by adding details but not taking away the traditional flavours of the classic Chinese cuisine. Why just have a prawn dumpling when you could have Huami’s fresh truffle prawn dumpling?

Grand Harbour

Viaduct Harbour

With more than 80 dishes to choose from, Grand Harbour is one of the longest running yum cha restaurants in Auckland. If you’re overwhelmed by the sheer size of choice, take note that they do a mighty fine job at the classic prawn dumplings and serve up the most succulent and tender duck. 

Royal City Dumpling And Noodle

Royal Oak

Yum cha isn’t just all meat and seafood, it can also be very vegetarian friendly! Royal City Dumpling and Noodle do great vegetable dishes which make great meals along with a side of steamed rice. They’re also well known for their crispy, spicy tofu which is packed with flavour and texture, great for both herbivores and carnivores!

Imperial Palace

Mt. Wellington

This place stays true to their name as the restaurant is HUGE. Not only is it spacious but it’s damn tasty. Like any other yum cha restaurant, Imperial Palace has a massive range of dishes to choose from. They are known for their roast pork with crispy golden skin and cooked to perfection.

Star Café Seafood Restaurant

Wairau Park

We would never forget the people on the Shore, because who needs that trip across the bridge in the morning? Star Café’s specialty may be seafood dishes but their sticky rice is also mouth-wateringly delicious. Wrapped in bamboo leaf, all the moisture is kept inside and it’s so fragrant and flavourful. You also won’t struggle to find a parking space, which is a huge bonus!

Lucky Fortune Restaurant

Three Kings

If you like egg tarts and have a sweet tooth, you gotta hit this place up. Lucky Fortune have some of the best dessert yum cha range in town and you can tell that they are all freshly baked. Don’t forget to order the ice cream balls wrapped in chewy mochi to top the meal off, you can thank us later. 

Dragon Boat

Auckland CBD

Located on Elliot Street, Dragon Boat is great for those who aren’t ready to fully commit to the yum cha dining experience. Not only do they have a restaurant of huge capacity but they also have a little side stall where you can order a couple dishes to try.

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Image Credit: Jaiden Bhaga at Huami 

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