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Where To See Live Comedy In Auckland

By Albert Cho
21st Mar 2018

Where To See Live Comedy In Auckland

Are you the funniest one out of your friends and always the one making people laugh and not getting the same satisfaction for yourself? Or, are you just not blessed to have a funny family member or friend so you have to resort to paying for a laugh? Thank the lord that Auckland has some good live comedy shows for those people who haven’t been blessed with a funny figure in their life. Even if you do know people with a sense of humour, there’s no such thing as laughing too much. Also, what better way to ignore your problems than laughing them away? Here is a list of where to see live comedy in Auckland.

The Classic

The rooms at this venue may not have the largest capacity for seating but the intimacy makes everyone feel a little closer to one another and makes laughing freely much more comfortable. The Classic Studio is constantly playing shows from local favourites to international acts and is the only full-time professional comedy club. Their design is also inspired by the most famous comedy clubs around the world such as the big USA and UK.

Where: 321 Queen Street
For more information on upcoming shows, click here

Comedy Chamber

For those who want something big and grand, the Comedy Chamber offer cabaret-style vibes every year for the New Zealand International Comedy Festival. The big tables make you feel like you’re almost at a NYC jazz bar and it’s perfect for large groups. Located in the Auckland Town Hall, The Comedy Chamber give Aucklanders a vibe that is quite rare to find. Keep your eyes peeled for any comedy events that are hosted at this venue because it’s a must!

Where: 303 Queen Street
For more information on upcoming shows, click here

The Basement Theatre and Studio

This place is the hub of art and culture of Auckland City. The Basement Theatre and Studio are never taking a break from holding cultural events from comedy acts, art exhibitions, music gigs and more. This venue also has a strong craft beer list which adds the cherry on top to your comedy experience. Get yourself to the Basement Theatre and Studio on Friday nights as they host a good night of live music selected by comedians every week at 10pm.

Where: Lower Greys Avenue
For more information on upcoming shows, click here

Q Theatre

Spreading culture and creativity is the main goal of this mighty empire of a venue as they’re always busy hosting events of endless genres, including comedy. Q Theatres venues are a mix of smaller and larger capacities for intimate shows and others that are on a bigger scale. They also have a restaurant called Citizen Q with a delish menu that caters to all dietary requirements. This way you won’t be hungry during your laughing session and you’ll have enough energy to get you through those stomach cramps.

Where: 305 Queen Street
For more information on upcoming shows, click here

Sky City Theatre

The Auckland icon when it comes to performance venues actually cater to our comedic needs! This space is BIG and for that, they host some BIG names. This theatre has a capacity of 700 seats and is the place to be when wanting a full experience of a comedy night show. The more people means the louder the laughs which just adds to the humour and vibe. The New Zealand International Comedy Festival will be holding tons of shows so pay attention!

Where: Level 3, Corner of Wellesley Street and Hobson Street
For more information on upcoming shows, click here

Doolan Brothers

Get your giggles and grub on every Tuesday night at one of Doolan Brothers many pubs as they host a comedy quiz night every Tuesday night! Comedy doesn’t always have to be you watching someone crack jokes, get yourself involved in the humour and interact with other people. Round up a couple of mates, order some cheesy garlic bread for the table and laugh away.

Where: Ellerslie, Lynfield and Newmarket
For more information on upcoming shows, click here

Image credit: Bruno Cervera

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