Where To Sell Your Clothes For Cash In Auckland

By Martha Brooke
21st Feb 2017

Where To Sell Your Clothes For Cash In Auckland

Raise your hand if you have honestly worn those statement, orange clogs more than once. Own up and tell us if that black dress with the tags still on has ever left your wardrobe. And, be honest, does your favourite, striped sweater from eight years ago still fit?

Somehow, we didn’t think so, people.

Sometimes, a big old-fashioned closet clean-out is what you need to refresh, revamp and part ways with your clothes that just aren’t cutting it anymore. But, gone are the days where hauling big, plastic bags to the dump, are your only option—no, no, no—why not become a savvy, seller instead?

As the old saying goes, one person’s trash is another’s treasure, so why not make a few extra bucks, clear some room to make way for new additions and send your pre-loved clothes to a new, happy home?!

Without further ado, we bring you the best places to sell your clothes in Auckland.

Finders Keepers


Heading into Finders Keepers, you may just have to remember your sole reason for visiting—to sell clothes, not buy them! This Newmarket gem is teaming with vintage, retro treasures, current trend-based designers and styles and has accessories galore, making it that little bit harder to resist! However, if you’ve got the goods, the team on hand will be more than happy to review, hopefully accept and then sell on your behalf. How easy is that?! Relax and wait for the dollars to roll in!

Recycle Boutique

CBD and Takapuna

If you have ever visited one of Recycle Boutique’s stores, you will know how much of a treasure chest they truly are. With racks upon racks of everything from designer picks to vintage, American-style pieces, they really have all angles covered. Selling with them couldn’t be easier either. Simply drop off your pieces, set up an online account in store, read the T&C’s, see which pieces they accepted, how they have been priced and then sit tight to see how much they sell for! With a great team and system on hand, selling your un-wanted clothes couldn’t be more straightforward and stress-free!


Ponsonby and CBD

Tatty’s has been at the helm of all things pre-loved and gorgeous for a while now and we simply can’t get enough. With easy-peasy browsing opportunities, one-off designer goodies and easily identifiable sections to peruse, you know that your clothes are gonna be in good hands. Not only do they make buying from them a breeze, selling is also a doddle. Drop off your items, use your online account to check the status of your items and wait to see how much money your second-hand garments have sold for!

The Bread & Butter Letter

K Road

We’re not one to name favourites, but when it comes to The Bread & Butter Letter, we just can’t keep quiet. They sell some of the best vintage and pre-loved clothing and accessories this side of town. Harbouring local and Kiwi-made treasures and gifts and continuing to amaze us with their stellar customer service, to top it off, they also offer a sell-on-your-behalf service! Accepting vintage, classic and high-quality pieces, the team will process, price and sell your unwanted gems and give you a cut off the final selling price through a month-to-month system. Closet clean out, here we come!

Encore Designer Recycle


Current owner, Siddhi Smith knows a thing or two about recycled fashion. As a self-confessed lover of all things pre-loved, she certainly has an eye for spotting the best second-hand, designer treasures. Encore Designer Recycle sells clothes, footwear, accessories and jewellery in their Ponsonby store. Allow the team to review your items and display them on the shop floor for a lucky customer to purchase and for you to collect a percentage of the final sale price. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Walk In Wardrobe


Boasting mor than 30,000 members, Walk In Wardrobe is one of New Zealand’s largest buying and selling platforms. Members can sell and purchase pre-loved clothing and accessories and it is one of the most popular and cheap choices around. Encouraging a fair and honest motto throughout, simply upload photographs of your items, describe them in detail, state a price and let the DM’s and offers come to you!



You may not have heard of them, but Fashbae is definitely one to watch. Offering a completely FREE marketplace and not taking any commission or charging listing fees, members get to keep every single cent they make. Simply upload images of your items, fill in the specific details and watch your listing come to life. Perfect for womens, mens and children’s clothing, this is a perfect platform for all. Clear out the clutter and decide what to do with your new earnings!

Image credit: The Bread & Butter Letter

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