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Will These Beauty Trends Take Off In 2016?

By Rachel Stevenson
30th Jan 2016

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There are some crazy beauty products out there... I mean, we’ve all heard of Kim Kardashian’s penchant for vampire facials, and there’s always a crazy new beauty fad that the celebs are obsessing over, but how many would you actually try?! Let alone, how many would actually benefit your life, like, for real? 

Here are six crazy beauty products that may or may not make it big in 2016.

Colour everywhere!

We love a bit of colour and have been known to experiment with coloured mascaras, eye liners and eye shadow. But would we dare to paint our face with colours? Okay, the girl in the picture looks awesome and we could potentially see us doing this at some festivals this year. We just have to remember not to rub our faces otherwise run the risk of looking creepy, not cool.

Boob deodorant

Yes really, boob deodorant is actually a real life thing. That you can buy. With money. Now that we’re all over the shock of this product, who honestly hasn’t had that horrible under-boob sweat situation?! Exactly! No longer will you worry that your boob sweat is gonna show up on your work top ‘cos you can now use boob deodorant, which basically works like normal deodorant. Just underneath your boobs. Good.  

Smile Lines Face Belt

Forget botox! Why not spend a few hours a day wearing this crazy Japanese invention?! Designed to stretch out laughter and smile lines around your eye and mouth, the Smile Lines Face Belt looks as crazy as it sounds.

Fringe Velcro

If you’ve ever found yourself on a fruitless hunt for bobby pins (I mean, who hasn’t?!) to clip your hair back while applying makeup, then this one’s for you. Fringe Velcro will keep your hair well off your face and look great at the same time. (Okay, so that last bit was a lie, but it really will velcro your hair off of your face if that’s what you need).

Glitter lipstick

Now, don’t get us wrong, we love a bit of glitter. For festivals, Christmas events, birthdays (who are we kidding, any time!), for our roots and we like a lot of glitter. But on our lips? Hmmm, we might need some convincing. For those who have a tendency to eat off their lipstick (me, every day), then the idea of ingesting glitter isn’t that appetising.

Nose shaping clip

This one just sounds downright painful! In a bid to change the shape of your nose (without surgery) you can now buy a nose shaping clip (you gotta love the internet.) Having read many reviews, this crazy product doesn’t seem to do much (shocker, right?!). We think we’ll stick to contouring to achieve a thinner looking nose for now.

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Image credit: MAC Cosmetics

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