This Auckland Cafe Will Make You Want To Skip Straight To Dessert

By Yvonne Lam
15th Aug 2018

At what age are you allowed to skip straight to dessert? When you’re on your full licence? Have a quarter-life crisis? Start taking a liking to sherry?

You’ll want to think long and hard about that, because at William Souter Espresso, the pastry cabinet will make you want to flip that food pyramid upside down. 

William Souter Espresso may have an all-day breakfast menu, but you’ll be forgiven for wanting to take the express train straight to cake town. On any given day, they will be dishing up a slice of an orange and coconut sponge (draped in meringue icing and strawberries), or pulling out a tray of black forest brownies straight from the oven. You'll find them stacking a mountain of vanilla melting moments, or ceremoniously laying out a gravity-defying, double-layer, apple, cranberry and olive oil cake. Choo choo choo, we say. 

It’s a little victory to discover that on this quiet strip of shops in Forrest Hill lies a kingdom of lusciously-baked pastries and cakes, not to mention good quality Allpress coffee. 

You will eat with your eyes first, nose second, choose your most desired pastry (good luck) and go. Or, you could make like the poster of David Bowie dining in, and take your time with a spot of breakfast, coffee and a cake in a neighbourly cafe. 

We made a beeline for the avocado smash—a tasty combo of avocado, corn, tomato salsa and goat’s cheese, piled atop two slices of toast (grainy and crunchy, just the way we like it). Add a oozy poached egg if that's your style. 

And bless their cotton socks, they do savoury mince. Savoury. Mince. I didn’t think anyone did savoury mince anymore. These guys do, and it’s a down-to-earth dish of browned beef mince and parmesan on Turkish bread. It wins the award for 'Ultimate Comfort Food' this side of town. 

Closer to lunchtime, the chicken noodle salad seems to land on most tables. It’s a double-rainbow bowl of vitality and you know, health; carrots, bean sprouts, avocado and cucumber, tumbled with soba noodles, edamame beans and a criss-cross of grilled chicken skewers. It’s possible those diners are thinking ahead, and paying penance for their upcoming pastry sins. 

William Souter Espresso draws a friendly, mixed crowd. On weekdays you’ll find mums and bubs hanging around the toy box, a steady stream of take-away orders, and laptop workers typing away at the long communal table. On weekends, it’s a neighbourly combo of brunching families, caffeinated couples, and friends catching up over a slice of cake. 

For us, we’re just stoked to stumble upon this little gem of a cafe for brunch and sweet-tooth cravings.

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