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Woo Your Lover With The Perfect Platter

By Natasha Van Der Laan
3rd May 2017

Woo Your Lover With The Perfect Platter

Everyone knows the way to someone’s heart is with food. While it’s fine and dandy to go out for a romantic meal for two, there’s nothing more impressive than showing off your cooking skills. However, this relies on you actually having cooking skills.

But if you don’t, fear not—this is where platters stacked with moreish goodies come in. BYO platter (translation: build your own) and your significant other/bae/boo will fall at your feet—guaranteed.

To help us build the most swoon-worthy platter, we turned to the experts at Sabato. The fine food store sources artisan goodies from Europe (as well as New Zealand!) so they know what’s delish. Here’s how to build a platter your partner will love ya for!

Cheese, Cheese And More Cheese

Introducing the star of the show: cheese! Ideally you want one soft, one hard and one blue. But don’t be afraid to opt for a more inventive number. Your partner will be impressed by your ability to try new things.

Every good platter should have at least two cheeses but—in our opinion—the more, the merrier cheesier! Keep it interesting by mixing up the type of milk used to make the cheese (cow, sheep, goat or a combo).

When it comes to cheese, Sabato has you well and truly covered. Their on-site cheesemonger Calum (aka a total cheese expert) is a complete character…and is generous with tasty samples! We stacked our platter with Mahoe’s award-winning blue, Wangapeka’s flavoursome Matariki and Cartwheel Creamery’s Opiki Ma made from goat’s milk.

Nice To Meat You

Find out whether your partner is vegetarian by doing your ground work. They’re not? Excellent—get some meat on that platter!

Cured meat is the way to go (a platter isn’t the time or place for a steak). You want them to be salty and melt in your mouth so they cut through the creamy, richness of your cheeses. We used a prosciutto and a salami on our mouth-watering platter. Pro tip: let your creativity shine when it comes to arranging the meat.

Fancy A Dip?

Pesto, bruschetta, chutney, relish…the world is your oyster when it comes to all things dip-able. If you want to impress, there’s no room for Kiwi onion dip on this platter—quality is key.

Keep presentation at top-of-mind by serving dips in small ramekins and considering a variety of vibrant colours. We went for a traffic light-esque platter with green artichoke bruschetta, orange sweet pepper pesto and red Moroccan chutney.

You’ll Need A Vessel

It’s a no-brainer that you need something to load up with chutney and chuck your cheese on. This is where “the vessels” (crostini, crackers and sourdough bread etc) come in. Ideally, you want something that doesn’t pack too much flavour—remember, it’s the cheese that is the star!

We opted for Sabato’s delightfully crunchy crostini. These little toasts are made from thinly sliced baguettes that are brushed with olive oil and baked to perfection. They’re the perfect platter-to-mouth vessel.

Other Fun Stuff!

This is where things get interesting! Take your platter from zero to hero with all the fun extras. We’re talking olives, toasted almonds and sweet garlic to add colour and pizzazz to your board. Be bold and get amongst anchovies and El Navarrico’s Pimientos. Never heard of the latter? These are Spanish red peppers roasted over oak coals to give them a smoky yet sweet flavour—they’re divine!

Voilà! You’ve created a platter guaranteed to woo your lover. Create your own by visiting Sabato. For more details, click here.

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