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WTF Is Up With These New Eyebrow Trends?

By Nina Franklin
21st Sep 2017

WTF Is Up With These New Eyebrow Trends?

We here at the Urban List are all about keeping up with the latest trends. And in the age of Insta its almost hard to keep up with them all. Eyebrows have been a thing for a while now. But the latest brow trends have got us sayin’


You must have been living under a rock if you haven’t seen these bad boys yet. So for those of you who aren’t so up with the now. Here are 5 of the latest WTF eyebrow trends.


1. Wavy Brows

Not the most attractive look, we must say. They look like giant caterpillars on yo face. Take em off. You just look silly.


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2. Monobrows

This look never worked for anyone. Except Helga Pataki. So to the Insta model tryna pull them off….. Just. No.


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3. Braided brows 

This seems to be the latest Insta brow trend and it’s just down right weird…. Braiding your eyebrows? More like Photoshop. We call BS on this one.

4. Feather Brows

Ok, this is a brow trend we can kinda get behind. But only those who have naturally bushy eyebrows can really pull it off. The drawn on look is pretty tacky.

5. Glitter Brows 

Finally a brow trend we dig. Glitter brows are a super cute way to glam up your look. Perfect for those New Year's festies!


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