You Can Now Get MEGA Ice Cream Sundaes In Auckland

By Grace Noles
3rd Oct 2017

You Can Now Get MEGA Ice-Cream Sundaes In Auckland

This is not a drill!! We repeat this is not a drill! We know where you can now get everything in your sweetest, sugary, ice cream-filled dreams.

Gone are the days of eating an entire tub of ice-cream on the couch, or struggling to balance your three-scoop ice cream on a flimsy cone. Now you can eat an absurd amount of ice cream like royalty!

Franc’s Bar and Diner is home of Franc’s MEGA sundae, filled with a WHOPPING nine scoops of ice cream.

There’s a lot to take in right now, we know. So let’s break this down for you.

The MEGA sundae comes with three flavours of ice cream—chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. So far, so good.

This is where it gets extraordinarly great—the ice cream is then topped with chocolate brownies, goji berries, caramel and chocolate sauce, cream, wafers, crushed oreos, with a cherry to top it all off! And breeeeeathe!!

This summer’s day dream is everything we’ve been waiting for. The fish-bowl sized creation is perfect for sharing but be prepared for things to get messy. We recommend sharing with two, three, or even four friends and a whole lotta’ napkins.

Get down to Franc’s in Takapuna to see if you and your squad can finish this sweet treat! See you there!

The Deets: 

What: Giant Ice Cream Sundaes

Where: Franc Bar and Diner

Why: Why have a double scoop when you could have nine?!

Image Credit: Francs Bar And Diner

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