Your Essential Boxing Day Races Style Guide

By Marilynn McLachlan
22nd Dec 2015

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It’s a day of fun, fashion and bubbles and certainly one of the 50 things you should have done if you live in Auckland and it’s getting closer! We know you love Christmas, but the New Zealand Herald Boxing Day Races are a must for the day after.

To help you with the dreaded ‘what am I going to wear’ question, we called on fashion designer (and one of this year's Fashion in the Field judges) Tanya Carlson so give some top tips for nailing your outfit this year—and successfully avoid those end-of-day race shots!

Here are her ten tips for how to look fantastic at the Boxing Day races.

#1Colour it up

Race day is all about bold fashion statements, and exploring colour goes hand in hand. Have fun, try out some pretty pastels or go with the chic classic black and white combination. Mix it up, think fresh, think vibrant. 

#2 If in doubt, start with your shoes

A pair of killer heels makes the world a happier place and they can be the beginning—or end—of any outfit. Be sure to choose a shoe that is not going to sink into the ground, or get ruined by grass stains. 

#3 You only look good when you're comfy

Wearing anything that’s too tight, or requires you spending every second minute hitching up or pulling down, turns a great outfit into a fashion disaster. You need to feel good wearing it.

#4 Don’t go too short

We expect a certain level of decorum with race outfits, and the ideal length falls just on the knee. If you’re spending the day tugging it down and feeling like you’re showing more of your sweet pins than you think you should, you probably are!

#5 Hats = fashion

UK milliner Stephen Jones (iD Fashion Week’s international guest a few years ago) described the power of the hat as taking any outfit and turning it into fashion. I love hats and at the races we get the perfect platform to show off some amazing headwear. Think geometric lines and elegant silhouettes. If you’re a bit of a hat virgin, try a fascinator. And beware the hat hair.  

#6 Aim for a polished look

This is not the time to attract magpies with all that glitters and shines—i.e. Head to toe beading and sequins. Keep it simple and fresh, think about the tailoring and details in a garment. 

#7 Don’t over accessorise

What was it Coco Chanel said: before you leave the house, take one thing off. On Race Day, take off three. Don’t cripple your outfit with a walking jewellery box or scarf overdose. Think fashion, not gluttony. 

#8 Lay off the fake tan

Everyone loves a touch of glow, but Oompa Loompa? Not so much. If you’re going for some rays in a bottle, be sure to exfoliate first and keep the colour natural. And don’t forget the sunscreen!

#9 Go for nautral makeup

Aim for a more natural, fresh look that is going to last through a long day and any weather changes. There’s nothing worse than melting makeup, especially if it ends up on your – or a friend’s – clothing. 

# 10 Remember, it's Boxing Day

The Races are on Boxing Day. That’s right, the day after possible overindulgence on Christmas Day. Stay hydrated on Christmas Day and try to avoid a horrible hangover for the Races.

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