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Your Guide To The International Comedy Festival

By Albert Cho
18th Apr 2018

Your Guide To The International Comedy Festival Auckland 2018

Is there anything better than nearly a whole month of stomach knotting laugher?! The International Comedy Festival returns next week and we can’t wait.

Expect all the lols as your fave local comedians, as well as top international stars, hit the stage night after night in various venues across Auckland (Wellywood as well, but we’re all about the Big Smoke).

The event starts off with an absolute bang as Aucklanders are treated to a hilarious sampler of the Basement Theatre acts during the month long festival. The Basement Theatre Preview Show will be hosted by our local heroes Parker and Sainsbury and will feature Donna Brookbanks, Eli Matthewson, Jamie Bowen, Alice Snedden, Melanie Bracewell and more. This one-night only event is perfect for those wanting a taste of the cramping laughter to come, so hop on it!

Following the Basement Theatre Preview Show is the 7 Days New Zealand VS. The World Special where New Zealand giggle triggers Jeremy Corbett, Dai Henwood and Paul Ego go against three of the top foreigner comedians to prove the fact that our humour is on a world class level. Don’t be too down if you miss out on the Wednesday event of major lols as you’ll get a chance to catch up on the fun on Friday night on TV3.

The Best Foods Comedy Gala on April 26th sees crowd favourite MC Arj Barker will introduce a stellar line-up of 20 comedy acts that range from local faves to international stars. Some of the household names that will be treating us in this two-and-a-half hour gag fest are Irish comedian Andrew Maxwell, Lauren Pattison from the good old UK and New Zealand gems like The Fan Brigade, Fuq Boiz, James Roque and many more. It will also be screened on TV3, so if you can’t get tickets, you can heckle from your lounge. Sweeeeet.

Head to the Comedy Festival website to choose which acts you’re keen to see, but if you’re looking for some quick inspo, here are our top picks of must-see shows:

#1 Melodrama | Melanie Bracewell

Giving us the overdramatic perspective of young adulthood, hop to Melanie Bracewell’s Melodrama. Don’t get it twisted guys, Melanie says she came up with the title of her act well before Lorde’s album was released! After winning the award for Best Newcomer in the 2017 NZ Comedy Festival, there are high expectations for this rising star.

#2 Santa Fe | Paul Williams

Not only does Paul Williams have a talent at producing some of the catchiest tunes he also knows how to work a crowd with his humour. 2017 Billy T Award nominee is back and better than ever with Santa Fe and is highly anticipated by many after his strong run from the previous year.

#3 Memories Of A Statistic | Kolopa & Jes’mine

2018 is the year of #woke and Kolopa and Jes’mine are showcasing the humour behind heavy topics like identity politics, cultural appropriation and being a statistic such as obese P.I’s and beneficiaries. Enjoy a night with these two hilarious feminists with their show Memories of a Statistic for some modern and edgy lols!

#4 Fameless | James Malcolm

Famous for wanting to be famous, James Malcolm is giving us some uncomfortably juicy stories with Fameless. It’s a show all about his sex life, awkward encounters with other celebrities and going viral for not being able to recognise one. James Malcolm has receipts to prove his humour like being nominated not once but twice for a Billy T Award and winning the Most Offensive Gag in the 2017 NZ Comedy Guild Awards.

#5 You Do You Babes | Donna Brookbanks

You Do You Babes is Donna Brookbanks’ quest to find happiness from her social anxiety and slow development to becoming a lonely and single cat lady. Nominated for a 2018 Billy T Award, You Do You Babes along with Donna Brookbanks’ classic facial expressions and awkward, quirky charms is expected to be a highlight to this year’s International Comedy Festival.

#6 Lady Muck | Lauren Pattison

Enjoy an act of brutal honesty and relatability of the long and challenging journey of learning the art of self-love and being comfortable within your own skin. Being renowned as one of the hottest acts from the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe, Lady Muck has become a must-see act for this upcoming Fest!   

#7 Self-Titled: Volume II | Alice Snedden

After making laughing waves from her debut act Self-Titled: Volume I, Alice Snedden has refined her comedy skills and is back, stronger with her highly anticipated sequel, Self-Titled: Volume II. To differentiate this one from the rest, Alice tells guest to bring their own blood and in all honesty, we are not too sure what she means by that…but okay!

For further information on many more shows on the schedule, click here.

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