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50 Things To Do In Perth This Spring

By Sarah Joanna Pope
2nd Sep 2016

50 Things To Do In Perth This Spring

Spring has sprung in P-town—the most magical, temperate and fleeting season on a West Coaster’s calendar, before the stifling hellfire of summer sets in.

So to help you make the most of it, here are 50 things to do in Perth this spring.

  1. Cancel the winter wine delivery (figuratively speaking) and go boozin’ on Perth’s Best Rooftop Bars.
  2. And don’t forget to visit the Best New Cafes Of 2016.
  3. Picnic, read poetry and listen to live music amongst the wildflowers at the Kings Park Festival—before some jerk plants a rare Pokemon there and ruins it all. #keepoffthegrass
  4. Discover your favourite antihistamine! Weeeeee!
  5. Try out some good ol’ fashioned dragon boating! Errrryone’s doing it.
  6. Be de-lighted (bear with me—you’ll get it) … at the Swan Festival of Lights (there it is) at Elizabeth Quay.
  7. Line up for coffee and tasty yum yums by the beach at Yelo.
  8. Spring clean that closet before you are buried alive by a massive pile of old jumpers and ripped jeans.
  9. Then immediately proceed to Merge Clothing to buy colourful playsuits and floaty dresses.
  10. Find out Who’s Making Perth’s Best Gelato—then eat yourself happy.
  11. Catch up with mates and see how they’re doing on R U OK Day.
  12. Celebrate Perth’s favourite hippy haunt at the Fremantle Festival. Bernard Fanning is going—ya know, if you’re a Nard fan.
  13. Visit a shameful, scummy pub for the AFL Grand Final.
  14. Earn your fascinator money back by backing a winner for Melbourne Cup. At Stables Bar—natch.
  15. Do the unpredictable weather dance—put cardigan on, take cardigan off, put cardigan on, take cardigan off…
  16. Grab a doughnut from Chu Bakery and proceed to Hyde Park—with the rest of the mother’s groups.
  17. Ease out of your winter hibernation routine with out these fun workouts.
  18. Take a dip in a flotation tank at Beyond Rest—there's no sharks.
  19. Take advantage of the alfresco dining situation at Side Door BBQ.
  20. Grab your loafers, tie that sweater around your neck and visit some of Perth’s Best Farmer’s Markets.
  21. Get all up in Perth’s G&T scene with Perth’s Best Gin & Tonics.
  22. Plan your next Tinder picnic (or Pokemon picnic) at one of these lovely picnic spots.
  23. Start a walk-off (before some annoying person asks you to do a fun-run with them) at one of these secret walks and hikes.
  24. Enjoy the latest reincarnation of Spring in the Valley with the covertly named Welcome to the Valley.
  25. Welcome back the sensorial delights of the Friday night Twilight Hawkers Market.
  26. Leave your winter hovel to meet up with strangers at a Perth Stranger Danger Dinner.
  27. Enter the real-life dating world once more with Analogue Tinder at The Bird.
  28. But not before you shave your legs for the first time in months.
  29. Check out a spring-inspired seasonal degustation at Wildflower.
  30. Ditch the brown spirits for tequila and guac at La Cholita.
  31. Slice off that winter greyscale (I miss Game of Thrones) with a Signature Body Treatment at Limón Health and Beauty Spa.
  32. Crack into some courtyard music at Fremantle Arts Centre.
  33. Stop playing Pokemon maybe?
  34. Get a new season ‘do at one of our fave hair salons—but only if you want amazing goddess-like hairs.
  35. Head to one of our fave barbers for a beer and a beard trim.
  36. Take advantage of everyone else’s spring cleaning mischief at the annual Garage Sale Trail.
  37. Find one more reason to visit the Swan Valley—like Oktoberfest at Elmar’s? You’re welcome.
  38. Re-live childhood nostalgia at this year’s Rottnest Island Carnival.
  39. Give in to a totally-cool segway tour at Segway Tours WA.
  40. Break up with your partner to discover why being single is awesome.
  41. Join the Spring to It Fun Run—as long as you don’t ask me to join you.
  42. Get your real-estate sticky-beak on at Open House Perth.
  43. Up your activewear game with some sweet luxe workout gear.
  44. Overdose on smashed avo on toast at these breakfast spots.
  45. Visit Perth’s first Cat Cafe while you’re already loaded up on antihistamine.
  46. Visit Bali before they ban alcohol.
  47. Sigh… get ready for another expensive wedding season. At least we’ve taken the guesswork out of choosing a wedding gift.
  48. Find out what happens at BeauVine Food and Wine Festival—the magical beef and wine fuelled foodie festival.
  49. Get yo statement shade situation sorted with these bad boys.
  50. Stop pretending you don’t like Halloween and paint your face up like this.

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Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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