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Perth’s Best Gin & Tonics

By Anna Franklyn
23rd Mar 2016

The days are starting to get shorter and we can feel winter coming, but we reckon there's still a good month of summery weather to enjoy in Perth. And you know what that means? It's time to fit in as many of Perth's best gin & tonics as possible before we turn to red wine and all of the cheese to get us through winter.

Here are 9 of our fave G&Ts in Perth—get sipping!



They’ve got over 100 types of gin here guys! That means you can go to Frisk every weekend for two years and never drink the same gin. Challenge accepted! The staff know what they’re doing too so gin novices can sit back and let them do the hard work.​

The Flour Factory


Step right up and spin the gin wheel. Or rather, let the bartender spin the gin wheel for you. Each number corresponds to a different kind of gin so you’d better hope for a good one. Play once and soon you’ll be addicted. And drunk. If you're not into games you can go straight for the gin & tonic on tap—yep this gun & tonic on tap thing is really catching on and we love it!

The Aviary


Because errryone loves a pitcher of their favourite drink! Make the most of the last sunny days and head to that rooftop with a pitcher of gin & tonic to say goodbye to summer.


Mount Lawley

Clarences sunny little courtyard is tucked out the back of this Mount Lawley bar and it’s the perfect place to sip away on an icy cold G&T. Go for Hendrick’s and cucumber and you’ll be a happy camper.

The Standard


There is no better way to finish off a weekend than with a couple of Sunday slushies full of delicious gin, tonic and raspberry syrup at The Standard. Yep that’s right, raspberry gin & tonic slushies for the win. Perth’s best gin & tonic slushies for sure.



An oldie but a goodie, Andaluz serves up a mean G&T in the city. The perfect spot for Friday night gin & tonics, just get there early and grab a couch!


City Beach

There’s no better place to enjoy a G&T than down by the beach, so head to Odyssea, get a table on the balcony and get sipping. Perth's best gin & tonics by the beach!


North Fremantle

They might only be open to the public once a month but that means they pack a huge punch into their Sunday sessions. Our favourite part of those monthly Sunday sessions? The gin and tonic full of cucumbers and strawberry.

Lot 20


Perth’s friendliest small bar is also G&T heaven on a sunny afternoon. As well as the standard gin & tonic, Lot 20 do a couple of gin cocktails which will knock your socks off, especially if you don’t mind a bit of chilli and cucumber syrup with your gin. #yum

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Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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