So Fun Right Now | Perth Exercise Classes That Don’t Hurt A Bit

By Lisa O'Neill
5th Oct 2015

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There are many hardcore exercise peeps out there that’ll have you believing that no pain no gain should be our workout mantra. If someone barking at you “feel the burn” makes you want to hide under your bed, come out from under there! We’ve found Perth’s best fitness options that’ll have you only crying tears of laughter.

Get ready to giggle, guys, here are six of Perth's most fun workouts.

Dance Like Beyonce


What girl hasn’t tried a little “pump walk” on the d-floor after Beyonce’s Single Ladies’ dance craze? Lady knows how to move and there’s now a dance class in Perth entirely dedicated to emulating Queen Bey. F is For Dance studio owner Grace Horneman says the classes are inspired by various Beyonce video clips with a new routine each week over a six-week term. Just so you don’t get too much of a good thing (pfft…it is Beyonce, so unlikely), the classes mix up pop and RnB tunes, but the Beyonce attitude is always present. No dance experience is required or a high level of fitness, so throw on your gym or dance clothes and get bootylicious for a full term or try a casual class.

Bubble Soccer


Season three Bachelor fans know what we’re talking about—Bubble Soccer is a guaranteed, hilarity-inducing workout. Harness yourself up and hop into a bubble that protects your upper body, while leaving the legs free to go all David Beckham on the soccer ball. Sort out a minimum of 10 friends for the game and Bubble Soccer Perth will bring the suits, goals and balls to your local park—or you can visit one of their permanent sites.

Hula Hooping

Various locations

Demolish the stresses in your life with this childhood favourite that Beyonce uses to tone her abs while she’s not making sexy lady shapes in award-winning video clips. Classes with Happy Healthy Hoops also help with your coordination and flexibility, plus you’re encouraged to have a giggle while you hoop. Make it a whole body affair with the HoopFit class where you lunge, squat, jump and balance before honing in on your triceps and biceps, all while the hoops are spinning. Every muscle will be squeaking by the time you’re done, but you’ll be having so much fun you won’t notice until DOMS sets in the next day. Ouch.

No Lights, No Lycra


Leave your inhibitions at the door, there’s no need for self-consciousness in this dance sesh. The idea for No Lights, No Lycra spawned in Melbourne six years ago and has been in Perth the past five, from its Northbridge location. A freeform dance space with the lights switched off, punters are encouraged to get down in any way they like (it’s light enough you can see others’ silhouettes so you won’t get trampled during someone’s epic krumping). The playlist is dictated by the dancers and varies from swing to pop, hip hop to world music so you can dabble in various moves. This isn’t a class to catch up with your bestie though, one of the requirements is minimal talking so dancers feel like it’s just the them moving to the music. There’s no instructing at NLNL, you literally let your body take over and move instinctively to the music and let your inner dance machine come out to play. Fun!



Another childhood fave, embrace your inner Tigger for this one and test the force of gravity trampolining. The main stage at Cannington’s BOUNCE is made up of 50 interconnected trampolines that allow you to boiiiing up walls, along tumble tracks and around corners while your legs try to keep up with your youthful heart. If there’s an inner Michael Jordan lurking in there too, get yourself to the slam dunk zone where you can leap and hang on to that ring like the stuff your basketball dreams are made of. 

Jungle Body Perth


Perth’s own Tara Simich created global phenomenon Jungle Body which sculpts the body while you have a good time. Konga classes are the easiest to find around town, the classes keep you on your toes with a mash up of dance, boxing, disco, pop, afro, pilates and more. I don’t wanna sound like a broken Beyonce record (#Beyonceforpresident), but if you want another opportunity to booty shake like Bey, go forth to Konga, my pretty. Try the classes at the Leeming SHS Performing Arts Centre.

Want more awesome Perth workout ideas? Search Fitness in The Directory.

Image credit: Happy Healthy Hoops

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