Who’s Baking The Best Bread In Perth

By Holly Nicholls - 02 Feb 2018

We’re not so sure we agreed with Madeline when she declared, “we love our bread, we love our butter, but most of all we love each other”. As a little French girl, surely her love of the world’s greatest dough trumped her boarding school friends, but whatever!

Here at The Urban List, discussions about carb loading are a regular occurrence—even though we're never participating in anything that actually requires carb loading—and we wouldn’t have it any other way. And why would we when these Perth bakers are rising (geddit?) to the challenge at 3am to ensure us addicts are well fed for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

These are the heroes of the sourdough, ciabatta, brioche, baguette and rye…these are the best bakers and bread makers in Perth. Move over croissants, it’s time for the humble creation of flour and water to shine. Here's where to find the best bread in Perth.

Mary Street Bakery

Highgate, Perth and West Leederville

Take it from us: everything’s good at Mary Street Bakery. You don’t need us to tell you to choose the sliced rye over the fruit toast or the spelt loaf over the brioche—because you'll want to get all of them. What you do need however, is to go early so that you can 1) avoid the line and 2) ensure nothing is sold out!

New Norcia Bakery

Claremont, Mount Hawthorn and Subiaco 

If you weren’t as lucky as us to receive the famous New Norcia monastery tour in high school then we’ll fill you in. These guys are like the Godfathers of WA sourdough. They've been baking bread since 1846, their (still original) wood fired ovens are the real deal and can be seen whipping up the goods at the Mt Hawthorn cafe.

Bread In Common


I mean it’s almost too obvious. Bread In Common stole our hearts with the exposed bricks and hand built ovens but won our loyalty with their wood fired baked goods. Stocked pretty much all over town, you don’t have head to Freo to get your fix, although it’s worth it—Pakenham Street never smelt so good!



If you haven’t ventured to Rokeby Road for a taste of Sorganic’s sourdough, then you fail at Saturday adulthood. We reckon these guys nurse their starter to sleep at night it’s so special. This is where it’s at for true, artisanal dough. Boasting a 72-hour baking process, bread connoisseurs: take note.

Strange Grains

Shenton Park

Yep, this is the bakery behind the cute old Nanna that appeared on Shark Tank. Blowing the judges (and us) away with the best tasting wheat free, gluten free, egg free, dairy free bread we ever did taste. Never before has carb loading seemed so sensible!

Chu Bakery


There's no need to feel bad about overconsumption of Chu treats and take away loaves (for second breakfast, of course) when you can stroll through Hyde Park afterwards and feel like a winner of weekend productivity. If you can move your eyes away from their doughnuts (we know, it’s hard) and up toward the bread section, you will not regret it.

Wild Bakery

South Fremantle

Calling all super foodies and health conscious lovers. Nourishing our souls with goodness, this is the namaste of bread. Wild Bakery is all about sprouted quinoa, hearty rye, nutty and seeded doughs that are all easily digestible thanks to their special old school fermenting tricks. Extra win!

Baker St Cottesloe

Cottesloe and Subiaco

Three words. Jalapeno cheese loaf. If that doesn't get your heart racing we don't know what will. The guys at Baker St also do a fantastic sourdough and they have their own little section in the gourmet supermarket Grower's Lane in Subiaco, just in case you can't make it to the Cottesloe store.

Lawley’s Bakery Cafe

Various Locations

You just have to mention their ciabatta, fig & fennel or olive loaves and we’re there in spades. Chances are, Lawley's creations are fully stocked in your local grocery store, but if not, there are stores all around town so finding one shouldn't be too tricky.

Chez Jean Claude Patisserie


Promising just about the only line in Subiaco, Chez Jean Claude Patisserie is a mecca for a lunchtime baguette. As the name clearly implies, this is French bread at it’s finest with all the trimmings. PSA: get their chicken and avo baguette—it’s off the charts amazing!

Jean Pierre Sancho 

Various Locations

While their original bakery opened in Perth in 2010, the Jean Pierre story goes way, way back. And by way back, we’re talking 1904 when the first Sancho opened up shop in the south of France. From there it’s been non-stop awards and accolades so if you’re getting your baguettes from anywhere, probably make it here!

Yallingup Wood Fired Bread


Sure we’re technically blurring the lines of what constitutes Perth, but we think you’d all agree that there was no way we could not include Yallingup bread in this list? Nothing makes a down south trip better, fact. 

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Wild Bakery | Image credit: Elle Borgward at Wild Bakery and Baker St Cottesloe and Emma Bryant at Sorganic

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