65 Auckland Cafes You Should Have Had Breakfast At

By Olivia Atkinson
15th Jul 2016

65 Auckland Cafes You Should Have Had Breakfast At

We Aucklanders love to do breakfast, brunch and all things involving some combination of coffee, bacon, eggs, smashed avo or pancakes. Thankfully, our many diverse and breakfasting needs are catered for by Auckland’s best cafes. These glorious, shining beacons of breakfast delight fuel our bodies and feed our food-lovin’ souls, seven days a week.

To help you on your breakfast feasting journey, we’ve found 65 of the best Auckland cafes you should have had breakfast at. Wake up and get eating!

Note: This list is in no particular order…that would be waaay too hard.

  1. Hello Friends + Allies in Epsom: Cabinet food and classic Kiwi hospitality is what this Great South Road café is about. It’s all too easy to spend an arvo reading old school Vogues and sipping on Supreme coffee.
  2. Odettes in City Works Depot: Not only do we love Odettes’ beautiful fit out, their herbed scrambled and sweet crepes are hard to beat.
  3. Queenies in Freemans Bay: When we’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, we make a bee line for Queenies. Their nostalgic vibes and Turkish eggs give the ultimate comfort. 
  4. Catroux in Westmere: It may be small but Catroux delivers the goods. Their seasonal brunch menu features the likes of braised beef on toast and the cabinet is always chocka with tasty treats.
  5. Major Sprout in Auckland City: Aesthetically pleasing to the eye and dishing out equally as pretty food, Major Sprout is your go-to when you’re in need of a guilt-free brekky. Their superfood smoothies rock our socks, too. 
  6. Ceremony in Grafton: Dishing out some seriously epic breakfast sammies and even better coffee, you can expect great things from this Grafton spot.
  7. Geeks on Sainsbury in Morningside: This café is responsible for injecting awesome coffee and breakfast fare into Morningside. From bagels to waffles and a pretty eggs bene, you’ll need to go more than once. 
  8. The Block Cafe in Blockhouse Bay: Head west and prepare yourself for a breakfast of epic proportions. This up-and-coming café is known for its innovative fried chicken eggs benedict. 
  9. Cornwall Park Cafe in Epsom: The perfect pit-stop after a stroll through Cornwall Park. We always order the house-made baked beans with smoked ricotta and poached hens egg. 
  10. Dizengoff in Ponsonby: Open 364 days a year, Dizengoff has built a rep for being one of the best breakfast spots in town. The half and half creamy mushies and scrambled eggs can get in our mouths any day.
  11. Good Day in Orakei: A breakfast a Good Day makes for a good day indeed. Order a silky smooth coffee and get amongst their small but perfectly formed breakfast menu.
  12. Honey Café in Takapuna: This bright, homey café specialises in friendly service and really good all-day breakfast food. Our pick is the black rice and coconut dish.
  13. The Garden Shed in Mt Eden: Stepping into this Mt Eden café is like stumbling across a secret, magical garden. From the décor to the fresh, seasonal menu, you’ll quickly realise that The Garden Shed is something spesh.
  14. Mondays in Kingsland: Another beautiful Auckland café, Mondays is a sanctuary hidden down a driveway in Kingsland. Slurp on a smoothie and go healthy with their rustic nut and seed toast. 
  15. Dear Jervois in Herne Bay: Herne Bay wouldn’t be Herne Bay without this buzzing café. We’ve got a soft spot for their gluten-free waffles with bacon, caramelised banana, mascarpone and maple syrup. 
  16. Petit Bocal in Sandringham: Sandringham’s very own slice of France comes in the form of Petit Bocal. The latte art is off the charts, as are the salmon scrambled eggies on a warm croissant. Yum. 
  17. L’oeuf in Mt Albert: Who knew the humble eggs could be so versatile? L’oeuf have an egg-centric menu (The Nest, we’re looking at you) but also cater for anti-eggers with sweet black banana rice and addictive creamy mushrooms. 
  18. Rosie in Parnell: Across the road from the stunning Parnell Rose Gardens, this petite café’s menu changes with the seasons but whatever you order, you’re guaranteed a stunning plate of delicious food. 
  19. Orphans Kitchen in Ponsonby: They cemented themselves as one of the best restaurants in Ponsonby but Orphans Kitchen also dishes out a cracking breakfast menu. Order the crumpets—they’re a winner.
  20. Chuffed in Auckland City: Tucked down a corridor off High Street, Chuffed is an inner-city fave. Their omelette game is super duper strong and our vote sits with the chorizo, Manchego cheese, sage, caper berries and onion jam. Get in ma belly. 
  21. Kokako in Grey Lynn: As Auckland’s first organic coffee roaster, Kokako keeps things fresh and good for you on the breakfast/brunch front. We’re talking wholemeal rice flour and chia pancakes and smoked tomato baked eggs. 
  22. Mary’s in St Marys Bay: Once a fire station, now a thriving breakfast pozzy, Mary’s has something for everyone. Freelancers can hook up to the wifi and beaver away, and leisurely breakfasters will appreciate the varied menu. 
  23. Welcome Eatery in Grafton: Welcome eatery is (you guessed it) super welcoming and caters to your breakfast needs during weekdays. Their super bowl 2.0 with Raglan coconut yoghurt pannacotta, seasonal frit, nut clusters and cold press granitas is the bee’s knees. 
  24. Greedy Guts in Auckland City: No one does breakfast on-the-go better than Greedy Guts. Their toast creations will brighten up your morning no end. 
  25. Best Ugly Bagels in City Works Depot & Newmarket: Best Ugly have been helping Aucklanders get their A into G since 2013 with their badass Montreal-style bagels. We’re eternally tossing up between the P.B.J and Mean Joe Green (bacon, avo and tom).
  26. Little Sister in Henderson: Sweet yet naughty, just like a little sister, you’ll find yourself sitting down with a scrumptious breakfast dish and then leaving with an armful of donuts, slices and scrolls. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. 
  27. Mimosa in Takapuna: Love eating breakfast out but want to keep on the health buzz? Mimosa’s menu is largely organic and gluten-free—think vegan French toast and gingerbread banana smoothies. 
  28. St Heliers Bay Café in St Heliers: If breakfast and views are your thing, this is the place to go. Tuck into hotcakes and smashed eggs with a side of ocean views. 
  29. Domain & Ayr in Parnell: 20-minute pancake. Need we say more?
  30. Bolaven in Mt Eden: They’re responsible for bringing Laotian cuisine to AKL and introducing our taste buds to sticky rice with fried eggs, warm coconut sago and really good eighthrity coffee. 
  31. Fact-Tree in Sunnynook: Hidden in suburbia, Fact-Tree offers a faultless classic Kiwi menu—toasted muesli, eggs bene on homemade hash browns and sweet corn fritters. 
  32. Bambina in Ponsonby: Another Ponsonby institution, Bambina keeps things real with honest food and friendly service. Order the ricotta hotcakes. 
  33. Matakana Market Kitchen in Matakana: Let’s just say it’s totally worth the drive. From Welsh Rarebit and mince on toast to coconut bread and banana Nutella hotcakes, the menu has so many goodies, you’ll have to go back for more.  
  34. Little & Friday in Newmarket, Ponsonby and Belmont: Doughnuts for breakfast? Heck yes! Little & Friday’s cabinet is out of control but their sit-down brekkie menu is also worth your time.
  35. The Fed in Auckland City: Pretend like you’re in NYC with bottomless cups of Joe and homemade Chelsea bun from The Fed. We’re also suckers for their smoked hash.
  36. Takapuna Beach Café in Takapuna: A firm fave with locals, and for good reason too. The café’s produce comes fresh from their Kumeu farm so you know your brunch salad will be free of nasties.
  37. Meadow in Meadowbank: Grab a table in the garden and feast on salted caramel buttermilk waffles and huevos sucios. Take a ‘gram.
  38. Ortolana in Britomart: Embracing the farm-to-table concept, this pretty eatery will serve you biodynamic oats and freshly squeezed juice. 
  39. Atomic Café & Roastery in Kingsland: Damn good coffee is a given at this spot. Rummage through the paper and choose something delish off their brekky menu. 
  40. Ralph’s in Mt Eden: When Ralphs and Vinyl Coffee Shop collided we knew they were onto a good thing. Oh, and they have breakfast burritos. 
  41. Little Bird Unbakery in Ponsonby: Leading the charge of Auckland’s raw food movement, the Unbakery whips up epic smoothies and breakfast dishes to put a bit of oomph into your morning. 
  42. Ima Deli in Auckland City: Stray from your beloved eggs bene and wake up the senses at this CBD spot. There’s Middle Eastern eggs, latkes, bourekas and blintezes (crepes), and they’re all mighty fine. 
  43. Jam Organic in Takapuna: A primo breakfast pozzy when the sun’s out. The jam style eggs are a no brainer. 
  44. Bread & Butter in Milford, Ponsonby and Grey Lynn: They vary in size yet each location delivers freshly baked loaves, pastries and all-day brekky items.
  45. Goodness Gracious in Mt Eden: Bloody good bagels and even better coffee is all you need in the a.m. 
  46. The Store in Britomart: Half chic diner, half grab-and-go store, this café pulls us in with its innovative menu time and time again. 
  47. Cereal Killa in Mt Eden: Freakshakes for breakfast are legit, right? How about Nutella French toast and bacon baps? 
  48. Bestie on K Road: A sun-drenched hideaway serving fuss-free, tasty breakfast dishes and great coffee. 
  49. The Governor in Herne Bay: They’re taking classics and rejigging them, and the result is worth checking out. The Imperial eggs are our jam. 
  50. The Botanist in City Works Depot: Home to the crumpet waffle. The herbed roast mushies, haloumi, greens and egg goes down a treat.
  51. Little King in Milford: One of Milford’s best cafés, Little King will fill your belly with waffles and mushroom stacks. 
  52. Beirut in Auckland City: You haven’t had breakfast like this before. Saffron doughnuts, za’atar boiled egg and Lebanese rolls with spiced sausage, sumac egg, harissa and whipped garlic—yasss. 
  53. Olaf’s in Mt Eden: A haven for baked goods in the heart of Mt Eden. Sit your booty down and enjoy a leisurely morning meal of blueberry crumpets. Om nom.
  54. Foxtrot Parlour in Ponsonby: Pros at epic cake creations and inject-your-own doughnuts, the peanut parlour pancake is must for candy floss fans. 
  55. Scratch Bakers HQ in Auckland City: They’ve absolute nailed cabinet food (hellooo douggnuts and pies) and their breakfasts are stellar too. Salted churros—boom! 
  56. Crave Café in Morningside: This community-focused café does great things for Morningside and makes yumminess such as folded eggs and rice pud. 
  57. RAD in Mt Eden: Living up to its namesake, we can vouch for the So Frenchy, So Toast dish. And the coffee—they make an excellent brew. 
  58. The Shelf in Auckland City: Escape from the madness of the city within the city and treat yo’self to a scrumptious meal at this cosy café. 
  59. Humbug Café in Glen Eden: Serving up aaaall the yum in the form of mince on toast, rosti stack and a brilliant vege breakfast. 
  60. Peel to Pip in Morningside: A dinky Morningside local to take the little ones. Black pud, pork chipolata, green beans, mushrooms and rosti for you, banana berry toasties for them. 
  61. Scarescrow in Auckland City: One of our fave ‘friends with benefits’ cafes, you’ll find shakshuka, banana and tahini cakes, and one of life’s most simple yet smile-inducing items—warm croissant with butter and jam.
  62. Zomer in Takapuna: Meaning ‘summer’ in Dutch, this Taka café puts out sunny vibes all year long. Give us the Dutch pancakes and no one gets hurt. 
  63. Misters in Auckland City: They’re total pros at the grab and go breakfast thing. Frolic away with porridge and an acai bowl in hand. 
  64. Sip Kitchen in Mairangi Bay: Sip Kitchen hits all the right notes. Everything you eat and drink there will nourish you to the core, be it smashed avo or a smoothie. 
  65. Were Bros in Grey Lynn: Sometimes all you want and need is a piece of toast. The Were sisters make organic sprouted bread daily and top it with an ever-changing selection of goodies.

After more breakfast spots? We’ve got plenty in our Directory. 

Image credit: Andrew Wilson at The Block Cafe

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