Auckland’s Best Blowout Breakfasts

By Olivia Atkinson
3rd Apr 2016

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Scrambled eggies and a few strips of bacon don’t always cut the mustard. Whether you’re feeling dusty from last night’s escapades or you just wanna smash a week’s worth of calories in one sitting, then it’s time to familiarise yourself with ‘the blowout breakfast’. Here’s 10 of the best to start with. 

#1 Domain & Ayr’s 20-Minute Pancake

When a humble pancake takes 20 minutes to cook, you know it’s going be somethin’ spesh. Domain & Ayr’s pancake is a delicious, fluffy monster, served with mixed berries, mascarpone and drizzled maple syrup—pancake’s most loyal companion. Roll up your sleeves and kiss your diet goodbye.

#2 The Flying Moa’s Monster Moa Mary

Hangover, be gone! The Flying Moa in Mt Wellington combines two post-drinking essentials—a Bloody Mary and cheese toastie. Slurp down the comforting goodness of a Bloody Mary before munching a grilled cheese alongside a gherkin, cheerio, cherry tomato and celery. You’ll be feeling fine and dandy in no time.

#3 The Block Cafe’s Fried Chicken Eggs Bene

Errybody loves fried chicken and we all seem to be on a never-ending eggs bene buzz…so we’re happy to announce that a café in Auckland has created a fried chicken eggs bene. Yep, the legends at The Block Cafe have taken our breakfast dreams and made them a drool-worthy reality. And don’t worry, it features baby spinach so it’s totally (kinda…not really) healthy. 

#4 Ralph’s Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast burrito, you beautiful thing. Take yourself and your appetite to Ralph’s in Mt Eden for the best breakfast burrito in town. Opt for a tortilla or bowl stuffed with scrambled egg, black beans, brown rice, limecream, cheddar, peppers, jalapenos, coriander, chipotle mayo AND chorizo or tofu. We’re guessing that should keep you chocka for a while…

#5 Major Sprout’s Big Fill

If you have an endless pit of a stomach and/or cash monies to drop, then Major Sprout’s big fill is the blowout breakfast for you. This $25 tasty feast includes thick cut bacon, lamb sausage, agria rosti, 24hr sous-vide pork belly (talk about fancy), homemade baked beans, poached eggs and sourdough. Do you even breakfast?

#6 Ceremony’s Breakfast Burger

When a sit down brekky just ain’t an option, swing by Ceremony for one of their breakfast burgers. The No.1 made with smoked bacon, over easy egg, caramelised onion and chipotle ketchup always goes down a treat, as does the No.2. What that is? You’ll have to head to Ceremony and find out for yourself!

#7 Matakana Market Kitchen’s Hotcakes

Whoever came up with the cunning way of basically eating cake for breakfast, we like you…a lot. Matakana Market Kitchen have not one, but THREE hotcakes on their brunch menu. Perhaps you’re a banana and Nutella (complete with ice cream and smashed Maltesers) kinda person, or is toffee apple more your jam? You non-sweet tooths are even covered with cheesy bacon hotcakes, poached egg, roasted tomato and chipotle. Mmm, mmm.

#8 The Garden Shed’s Shed Board

Plates?! Real blowout breakfasts enthusiasts eat theirs from a board. The Garden Shed in Mt Eden deliver the ultimate brekky board feat. steaky bacon, spicy pork saus, tomato-y black beans, poached eggs, pan-fried potato rosti, a Portobello mushie and toasted sourdough to mop up all the juices. Put that in your mouth and eat it.

#9 Twisted Tomato’s Homemade Banana & Choc Bread French Toast

Can you think of anything more moreish? This Twisted Tomato breakfast will put you on the sweetest sugar high via their banana and choc French toast with bacon, berry compote, pistachio crumbs, maple syrup and vanilla bean mascarpone. A total early morning delight. 

#10 Andiamo’s Sausage Duo & Breakfast Martini(s)

Now THIS is what you call breakfast. Although they only do breakfast on the weekend, Andiamo pull out all the stops. Commence your brekky with a martini shaken up with gin, Cointreau, lemon juice and orange marmalade followed by the Westmere Butchery sausage duo. You’ll be treated to beef and pork apple sausages on bubble and squeak and plenty of onion gravy. This, people, is the breakfast of champs. 

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Image credit: The Block Cafe

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