The Best Breakfasts In Auckland You Need To Eat Your Way Around

By Kathryn Steane
4th Jun 2021

Deconstucted breakfast at Piccolina.

Some things in life make for the perfect union. Like toast and avocado, and pancakes and fairy floss (it’s a thing), Aucklanders and breakfast are simply meant to be. Our hunt for the best breakfast in Auckland is never over and, being the brekkie-obsessives that we are, we’re always waiting for the next shiny, delicious breakfast beacon (aka. Auckland’s next best breakfast cafe) to open its doors.

But, living in one of the most breakfast-friendly cities in the world can be difficult. With so many Auckland breakfast spots to choose from, it’s hard to keep tabs on who is serving up Auckland’s best breakfasts. Fear not, breakfast-lover—you’re about to have the ultimate list of the best breakfasts in Auckland right at your fingertips.

Without further ado, we present the list to rule all lists. It’s a list you’ll want to print out and stick on your desk, in your car, by your bed, at your SO’s house and back up in Google Drive, STAT. 
Here are all the best places for breakfast in Auckland (handily broken down into suburbs, might we add). You’re more than welcome.

Auckland City

You city slickers are a lucky bunch. Some of Auckland’s best breakfasts can be found in Auckland city itself. We’re talking crepes, waffles, seasonal specialities and even brekkie burgers. Here’s where to get the best breakfasts in Auckland city.


Odettes, City Works Depot

Beautiful fit out? Check. Silky, smooth coffee? Check. Some of the best breakfast in Auckland? Check. Odettes is a breakfast winner.

Lord of the Fries, SNICKLE LANE & K’Road

Burgers for breakfast?! You don’t have to ask us twice. Head to Lord of the Fries (they have two handy locations) for brekkie burgs and ALL the hash browns.

Best Breakfast Auckland

Pollen, Auckland CBD

For gorgeous (and delicious) breakfast food in Auckland City, look no further than Pollen. If eggs benny with pork belly and brioche won’t get you out of bed, we don’t know what will.

Williams Eatery, Wynyard Quarter

Local, organic and free-range, Williams Eatery strives to serve up only the highest quality ingredients and the result is impressive. The house hotcakes with mandarin curd, brown butter and sourdough crumb are a definite favourite.

Best Breakfast Auckland

Ortolana, Britomart

Ortolana nail the farm-to-table concept like no other Auckland cafe. Feast on their seasonal menu and you won’t be disappointed.

Chuffed, Auckland CBD

Tucked down a corridor off High Street, Chuffed is home to some of the best breakfasts in Auckland City—don’t blame us if you get hooked on their crumpets.

Best Breakfast Auckland

Rude Boy, freeman's bay

An Instagrammer’s dream, the eats at Rude Boy are as good looking as they are tasty. Anyone with a sweet tooth must try the hotcakes—fluffy cello and cream cheese with strawberry butter, vanilla cream and salted caramel.

Queenies LUNCHROOM, Freeman’s Bay

Queenies Lunchroom is exactly where you need to go when you want to escape the hustle-bustle of the city. Their Turkish eggs deserve a dedicated shout-out.


For a healthy breakfast that tastes more like something you'd have on cheat day, head along to Hēmi. Our pick? The melt-in-your-mouth waffles, available in equally delicious sweet and savoury options.

Giapo, Auckland CBD

If your breakfast doesn't consist of a hearty serving of ice cream on a totally elaborate cone then we say you're doing breakfast all wrong. At Giapo, you can build the brekkie of your dreams, choosing first your ice cream then the 'Gram-worthy cone you'd like to chow down on. This might well be your breakfast AND lunch.

Ponsonby/Herne Bay/Grey Lynn/Westmere

You haven’t had the best breakfast in Auckland until you dine in these four suburbs. In no particular order, here are the best breakfast spots in Ponsonby, Herne Bay, Grey Lynn and Westmere:

Best Breakfast Auckland

Dear Jervois, Herne Bay

Herne Bay wouldn’t be Herne Bay without Dear Jervois. It’s one of the city's best breakfast cafés, so don’t be surprised if you have to wait for a table (in which case you should pass the time by looking out for celebs, who apparently agree). Their matcha waffles are world famous in Auckland, but we only have eyes for the mushroom and rosti stack (who knew lentils could go so well with brekkie?).

Dizengoff, Ponsonby

An oldie but a goodie, Dizengoff continues to dish up some of the best breakfast in Auckland. Our pick is the half and half—perfect scrambled eggs and creamy balsamic mushies with a dollop of homemade pesto. Nom.


Purveyors of damn good coffee AND some of Auckland’s best breakfasts, Postal Service are pros at turning humble vegetables into something so good, your taste buds won’t know what hit them.

Mary's, Ponsonby

Mary had...well, one of Auckland’s best breakfasts cafes. With wi-fi and plenty of seats, it’s the perfect place to power out some work over a couple of eggs.

Best Breakfast Auckland

Little Bird Unbakery, Ponsonby

They were responsible for Auckland’s raw food obsession and are showing no signs of slowing down. Visit Little Bird Unbakery to witness some raw, culinary magic.

Catroux, Westmere

Small but mighty, Catroux remains a frontrunner in the Auckland breakfast scene. Their menu is seasonal and always impressive.


You'll find droolworthy brekkies aplenty at Honey Bones. Think bacon egg butties, ricotta pancakes with poached fruit and smashed pumpkin (yes, pumpkin) on rye, washed down with an incredible-tasting smoothie.

Grafton/K’ Road

One of the coolest precincts in town has breakfast down pat. For some of the best breakfasts near Auckland city, go here:

Benedict's, eden terrace 

Boasting two outdoor spaces (including a lush courtyard) Benedict's serves up traditional brekkies with a twist. Did someone say twice-baked almond brioche?

Welcome Eatery, Grafton

We’ve forgiven Welcome Eatery for only being open during the weekdays because their food makes up for it...although we wouldn’t say no to having their bacon butty seven days a week.


Did someone say Jelly Tip French toast? A mouthwatering combo of raspberry ice cream, housemade digestive biscuits and chocolate shards, this is exactly the type of OTT brekkie Bestie has become known for.


These three ‘burbs have upped their breakfast game like nobody’s business thanks to the opening of some excellent cafes. Make sure you try all of them—they’re responsible for some of Auckland’s best breakfasts.

Best Breakfast Auckland

Winona Forever, Parnell 

Home to one of the best cabinets (and best breakfasts) in Auckland is Winona Forever. We’ll never get sick of their magical mushrooms.

Best Breakfast Auckland

Hello Friends & Allies, Epsom

Epsom had no chance of being a best Auckland breakfast spot until Hello Friends & Allies came along. Their red velvet hotcakes are a game changer.

Best Breakfast Auckland

Little & Friday, Newmarket & Ponsonby 

Doughnuts for breakfast are always a good idea. Little & Friday’s cabinet is chock-a-block with all sorts of breakfast-friendly goodies.

Best Breakfast Auckland

Wake Up Cafe, Parnell

This fun and quirky spot doubles as an art gallery and is worth spending some time in. Wake Up Cafe showcases local art so there is plenty to look at after demolishing one of the many eggs bennies on the menu. 

Best Breakfast Auckland

Mutual Friends, Newmarket

Mutual Friends' brekkie menu will brighten any morning—think breakfast bowls, smoothies, and a cabinet overflowing with ready-to-go-treats. 


Fancy yourself a breakfast ramen bowl? This is just one of the unique dishes you'll find on the menu at Newbie, which also includes banoffee fritters and black rice porridge.

A decadent baked dessert at the Flour MillFlour Mill, Epsom

A visit to the Flour Mill is one of the best ways to start your day. Sit back amongst cute artworks and pops of pink while tucking into dishes like blueberry fritters and steak and eggs, followed by one of their legendary brownie pies—served in a skillet and piled high with whipped cream and other toppings as part of the lunch menu.

Mt Eden/Kingsland

Most of these cafes need no introduction, so it comes as no surprise they're the source of some of Auckland’s best breakfasts.

Best Breakfast Auckland

Harlan Pepper Food Co., Kingsland

Breakfast tacos? Yes, please! Harlan Pepper Food Co. has nailed their tapas style menu and the Spanish twist means breakfast burritos and Spanish omelettes to die for. 

Ralph’s, Mt Eden

With a homely vibe, and some of the friendly folk in town head to Ralph’s for breakfast you’ll truly love. Dine like a God with the Breakfast of Zeus—fried tofu, red onion, sweet chilli, peppers, baby spinach, roast pumpkin, hummus, and dukkah with ciabatta or five-grain toast. Vegan breakfast sorted.

Antheia’s Loft, Kingsland

If you're looking for a healthy cafe in Kingsland, look no further than Antheia’s Loft. Relax in their beautiful space upstairs and tuck into the vegan creamy mushrooms, made from cashew cream, garlic mushrooms, rocket and served on fresh sourdough or perhaps the goddess bowl. Even the treats have a healthy twist so you can feel better about indulging.

Mt Albert/Sandringham

To those living in these suburbs, we envy you. Be sure to make the most of what these amazing Auckland breakfast cafes have to offer.

Best Breakfast Auckland

KIND, Morningside

An equally healthy and delicious menu in a lush setting, KIND is attempting to make Morningside a little greener. Their mostly plant-based menu is fresh and different featuring some adventurous combos—the avocado with smoked chilli peanut butter, pistachio dukkah and heirloom tomatoes is a must.

Best Breakfast Auckland

Petit Bocal, Sandringham

A slice of France in Sandringham, Petit Bocal is an unbeatable spot for coffee and croissants on a weekend morning. Their latte art rocks our socks.

Best Breakfast Auckland

L’oeuf, Mt Albert

L’oeuf is eggcellent. In fact, their menu is predominately egg-centric (try The Nest, please and thank you) but there are also tasty dishes for those who don’t live the egg life.

Crave, Morningside

We love Crave’s focus on the community just as much as we love their chia breakfast pudding.

Best Breakfast Auckland

Geeks On Sainsbury, Morningside

We’ll try not to geek out about this Morningside cafe too much, but Geeks On Sainsbury really is one of the best breakfast spots in Auckland. The coffee is fab, the service friendly and the food exactly how breakfast fare should be.

North Shore/Hibiscus Coast

These two regions north of the bridge don't mess around when it comes to amazing breakfast food. Here are some of our faves.

Best Breakfast Auckland

Paper Moon, Mairangi Bay

Fun fact: one of Auckland’s best breakfasts cafes lives on the North Shore and has done so for yonks. Grab an outdoor table at Paper Moon and tuck into their epic brekkie fare in the sunshine.

Takapuna Beach Cafe, Takapuna

You’re shore to love everything about Takapuna Beach Cafe. From the glorious view to the fresh, seasonal menu, it’s a firm fave with the locals and will be with you, too.

Sip Kitchen, Mairangi Bay

Cleanse yourself of all the waffles with a trip to Sip Kitchen. Everything you eat and drink there will both nourish your body and satisfy your breakfast cravings.

Supernova, Milford

Supernova is the spot for wholesome yet hearty brekkie fare, including their incredible hotcake—served direct to your table in the cast-iron skillet it was cooked, and stacked with goodies like seasonal fruit, lemon curd and a truckload of maple butter (seriously guys, this one'll keep you going for a week).

Best Breakfast Auckland

The Collins Cafe & Bar, Greenhithe 

Cornflake-crusted French toast with vanilla mascarpone, poached pear, banana toffee and pistachio is what you’ve been searching for all along. The Collins is quickly gaining a rep for bringing cheat meal breakfast dreams to life.

Cafe Mimosa, Takapuna

Fairtrade and organic, you can’t go past Cafe Mimosa. The Vegan Ploughman’s Board includes sourdough toast, vine tomatoes, homemade vegan cheese, walnut mushroom pate, olive tapenade, seasonal pickles and sauerkraut. Can we hear a yes, please?

Best Breakfast Auckland


Enjoy an epic al fresco brekkie over at Jam Organic Cafe. These guys aren't afraid to play with the classics (case in point: their moreish version of mince on toast), and also do a damn good coffee.


For a menu that ticks all the traditional brekkie boxes but has a few little surprises up its sleeve, you can't go past Patch. We especially love their smoothies and milkshakes, which are a breakfast unto themselves.

Major Tom

Major Tom, ALBANY

The cousin of another one of our fave morning-time spots, Winona Forever; Major Tom specialises in breakfasts that are as much a feast for the eyes as they are for the mouth. We're particularly fond of the French toast—a mouthwatering marriage of meringues, fresh fruit and dulce de leche panna cotta that's just the right amount of sweet for first thing in the morning. And while they're not technically breakfast, the lamingtons—legit the size of your face—are an absolute must on any visit here.

Dear Coasties, Orewa

You may have to fight for a carpark (and then a table), but Dear Coasties should be top of your brekkie hit-list if you're in the area. These guys will have your day off to a delicious start with their mouthwatering pork belly bene with apple slaw (which, btw, you can also get in a handy half-portion), pretty-as-a-picture pancakes with fairy floss and fresh fruit, and—we're calling it—the best coffee on the Coast.  Just don't forget to save room for some of that epic cabinet food.

Millies, Millwater

There are few cafés on the Coast with a following as loyal as Millies, thanks no doubt to their perfectly-poured coffee (some of the best in the area), OTT cabinet food (have you SEEN them doughnuts?) and of course, damn tasty breakfasts. We're particularly partial to their mushroom bowl, a sort of deconstructed mushrooms on toast. FYI: these guys also run the successful Oliver's café in Orewa.

East Auckland

In case you’ve forgotten that East Auckland is where to find some of the best breakfast in Auckland, here’s a quick reminder. These cafes know what’s up.

St Heliers Bay Café and Bistro, St Heliers

Get your brekkie and views fix in one hit with a visit to St Heliers Cafe & Bistro. It’s one of the best Auckland breakfast experiences, ever.

Best Breakfast Auckland

Good Day, Orakei

Turn a terrible morning on its head with a lovely breakfast at Good Day. These guys know a thing or two about coffee, and the bacon bap does wonders for the soul.

Picco, glendowie

A cozy neighbourhood cafe, Picco Eatery serves up classic breakfasts with a Turkish twist. Note: they have hands down one of the best omelets in town, as well as a killer pancake that will keep your sweet tooth happy for the day. 

Meadow, Meadowbank

Meadow has been one of Auckland’s best breakfasts spots for a while now and we ain’t complaining. Their garden courtyard is unbeatable on a sunny day.

Best Breakfast Auckland

Marua Road Cafe, Ellerslie

Ellerslie’s breakfast game has skyrocketed thanks to Marua Road Cafe. Their big breakfast is something we’ll probably never stop raving about.

Woolfy's, Highbrook

For Insta-worthy dishes with the drool-factor, Woolfy's is the spot. Chown down on everything from Szechuan chilli scrambled eggs and butterscotch hotcakes, through to the hugely popular Breakfast Foo Yong (an Asian-style omelette topped with pickled cabbage, prawns, Japanese mayo and prawn crackers).

Urban in East, Howick

Whether you fancy fresh-pressed fruit juice and honey-roasted granola or French toast with all the trimmings, Urban in East have just the brekkie for you. Oh, and did we mention they also do NINE different types of eggs bene?

A delicious looking dish at Hello StrangerHello Stranger, East Tamaki

Hello Stranger, indeed! This charming spot specialises in vibrant breakfast dishes you won't soon forget, including 'magic mushrooms' and smashed peas on toast (step aside, avocado). They've also been known to sling a mean slice of French toast.

South Auckland

Southside, don’t think we’ve forgotten about you. We know you have some of Auckland’s best-kept breakfast secrets.

Urban SoulUrban Soul, Manukau & KARAKA

For epic brekkie dishes like fried chicken waffles with maple syrup and candied pecans, get along to Urban Soul ASAP.

Mottletop Espresso Bar, Papakura 

Neighbourhood cafe, Mottletop Espresso Bar oozes homely vibes with shelves filled with books and mismatched bone china plates. We reckon the French toast is a must.

The Corner Kitchen & Bar, Clevedon

Weekend roadies are much more enticing if food is involved. Make a pit-stop at The Corner Kitchen & Bar for one of the best breakfasts in South Auckland.

Red Shed Palazzo, Karaka

Known as the ‘people’s cafe’, Red Shed Palazzo is child-friendly, dog-friendly and stomach friendly. Breakfast is a no brainer—it’s served throughout the day and they even have four different types of omelette. Yummm.

The Artisan, Wiri

Next time you wander to the wonder of South Auckland, make a beeline for The Artisan. With bright tables and a smoothie names like ‘this shit is bananas,’ a smile will be on your dial quick smart.

West Auckland

West is sometimes best, especially when breakfast rolls around. Here’s where to find the best breakfast in West Auckland.

Piccolina, Avondale

Say hello to Piccolina—an Italian-themed eatery, bakery, deli, heck they do everything. An inventive menu that's always changing, you should definitely make space for their life-changing tiramisu French toast. 

Rosebank Coffee & Kitchen, Avondale

Once you stop marvelling at Rosebank Coffee & Kitchen’s spectacular interior, get amongst their French toast. Housemade brioche with ganache, chantilly cream, pear purée, cocoa crumble and maple syrup come together in an edible work of art.

Best Breakfast Auckland

Deco Eatery, Titirangi

Give us the crispy potato rosti and nobody gets hurt. Seriously though, Deco Eatery’s rosti eggs bene makes it one of the best places for breakfast in Auckland. Don't forget the hot chocolate. 

The Block Cafe, Blockhouse Bay

Yep, home to the OG fried chicken eggs benedict of Auckland. The Block Cafe also have a bunch of other breakfast goodies in their arsenal so head to Blockhouse Bay and give them a jam.

Best Breakfast Auckland

Iti, Titirangi

Sitting pretty in Titirangi is iTi. Nestle in amongst the beautiful surrounds from 9am on the weekends and eat your heart out. We recommend the iTi big breakfast—with bacon, bratwurst sausage, mushrooms, potato hash, baked beans, poached eggs and toast, you’ll be in seventh heaven.

Little Sister, Henderson

Oh-so-sweet but oh-so-naughty, Henderson’s Little Sister is the kinda place you go for breakfast and then walk out with a hefty collection of baked goods. But hey, that’s why it’s one of Auckland’s best breakfast spots, right?

While you're at it, get your caffeine fix with the best coffee in Auckland. 

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