17 Sydney Breakfasts You Must Try In 2017

By Ange Law
16th Dec 2016

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Oh our dear friend breakfast, we really do love you so dearly. We love you at 8am. We love you at midday, and we even love you on those nights where an egg on toast is the only kind of dinner that we can be bothered to make. If you love breakfast as much as we do (of course you do), then you should consider yourself lucky that you happen to live in one of the most breakfast-friendly cities in the world. We sure do.

Sydney, you’re a lucky little muffin and you know it. These are our favourite breakfasts that you need to eat in 2017, if you haven’t already, or even if you have. We are firm believers that there is no such thing as too much deliciousness in your life. Happy eating.

Hotcakes At Left Of Field


When you hop along to Left Of Field, you don’t really have a choice between sweet and savoury, because if you don’t order the hotcakes, then you’re no friend of ours. To simply call them hotcakes doesn’t do them justice, because these thick, pillowy pieces of heaven are drizzled with Earl Grey custard, topped with caramelised banana and scattered with maple bacon. So yeah, you should order them and yeah, you should Insta them too.

Spring Toast At Cornersmith 


Don’t picture unnecessary flower garnishes and overly sweet accompaniments with this one. The toast itself is gluten free charcoal bread made by their resident bread maker (so you know it’s the goods). It’s topped with buttermilk ricotta, pickled baby eggplant, broad beans, peas and herbs. You’re just going to have to trust us on this one and head down yourself.

The Chislett At Youeni

Surry Hills and Castle Hill

The Chislett is a fool proof breakfast favourite for anyone that’s visited Youeni once or twice (or three times). Our hot tip is to order it on their house loaf, but you can totally go for the classic sourdough if that’s more your jam. Once you’ve selected your carb of choice, it’s time to acknowledge the smashed avo, sprouts, chickpeas, roasted tomatoes and (optional) poached eggs. This is breakfast without the guilt, but with all of the flavour. 

Croissant + Coffee At Berkelo Bakery


The bread on offer at Berkelo Bakery changes on the daily and is influenced by the seasons. We challenge you to only leave with a coffee and croissant on your way to the beach, but won’t be surprised if you pick up some goodies to take home too.

Acai Antiox Bowl At Bondi Wholefoods 

Bondi and Surry Hills

Head beachside (or stay in town) and grab yourselves an acai bowl to remind yourself that yes, you are in Sydney and yes, it is pretty at every time of year. The acai bowl at Bondi Wholefoods looks and sounds just as healthy as it is, with frozen acai berries blended with organic juice and frozen fruits forming the base. It’s then topped with Farmer Joe’s Cinnamon Almond Granola, organic coconut flakes and seasonal organic fresh fruit. This one can also be made gluten free and vegan.

French Toast Brioche At Euforia 

Balmain East

An oldie but a goodie, the brioche French toast at Euforia in Balmain is here to stay and definitely worth a try in 2017. There are options, with a sweeter take on the brekkie classic, with toppings of vanilla ricotta and blueberries, or a (sort of) savoury pairing of maple bacon. We struggle to go past a bit of maple bacon, but you can’t go wrong with either option here.

Reformed Avocado At Dachshund Coffee

Hunters Hill

Not just another avo on toast, the reformed avo from Dachshund is worth the trip to Hunters Hill (if you’re not close by) or a repeat visit (if you are). There’s more to this guy than just smashed avocado on toast, because it also involves a quinoa tabouli, crispy sage leaves, goat’s feta and we recommend you add a poached egg into the mix. You’ll be full as a tick, but well satisfied.

Breaky Poke At Three Blue Ducks 


One of our favourite cafes, you’re always in for a solid meal when you head to Three Blue Ducks. They combine old faithful breakfast ingredients (ahem, avocado), with left of centre ingredients (oh hey seaweed) to make delicious meals that you wish you’d thought of first. Their breakfast poke is avocado with kimchi, seaweed, cucumber, soy, mirin and a soft egg. 

Bagel At Smoking Gun Bagels


Breakfast on the go with a Canadian twist is on the cards at Smoking Gun Bagels. They blazed into our lives in 2016, with their Montreal-style bagels in tow and we were converted. They’re rolled by hand and sweetened with honey, before being placed in their purpose built wood fire oven to get nice and delicious. Order a six-pack to take home or settle in with a bagel and filter brew for the ultimate weekend breakfast.

Bircher Muesli At Morris


If you’re a lover of bircher muesli—you should be—then the one at Morris is one that your summer loving soul will love. The portion is generous, because there’s nothing worse than a tiny little dry bowl of bircher, and the toppings are fresh. Each bite has a little pop of pomegranate or strawberry, and the crunch of the toasty nuts is next level. 

Strawberry Slider At Mr Topper’s Toast Bar

Bondi Beach

If you’re a little bit sick of avo on toast, or just want to mix it up for a day (let’s not go overboard now), then the strawberry slider from Mr Topper’s should hit the spot. All of the bread here is fresh daily and this one is topped with fresh strawberries, clottes cream, toasted coconut shavings and honey. Is it dessert? Is it breakfast? Does it really matter?

Baked Eggs Greek Style At Ironwood Coffee 


All day breakfast is happening at Ironwood Coffee and while that’s reason enough to give it a whirl, the fact that the beans are roasted on site and the food is really freaking good only sweetens the deal. Order the baked eggs Greek style for baked scrambled eggs with tomato salsa, basil and feta, served with roasted tomato and sourdough. 

Miso Avo At Blackwood Pantry 


Blackwood Pantry is the kind of place where you’re welcomed like a mate from the moment you walk through the door. Their food is fresh and a little bit special, but our favourite is the miso avo, hands down. We struggle to say no to anything involving miso and this one also involves sliced avocado with miso and cashew nut butter, lime, chilli and black sesame on toasted sourdough.

Croque Madame At The Tiny Giant 


Another winner serving all day breakfast for you poor, hung over souls, The Tiny Giant is serving up a Croque Madame that will banish any and all of those dusty cobwebs come Sunday morning. This French-style sandwich is keeping it classy with ham and cheese on the inside and a white truffle infused fried egg on top. 

Pecorino Scrambled Eggs At Gordon’s Cafe 


This is the relatively new kid on the Sydney brunch block. Gordon’s has already nailed the formula with their pecorino scrambled eggs served with field mushrooms, baby spinach, leek and truffle oil on sourdough. Go have a recovery lie down on the beach afterwards; there’s no judgement here.

Nutella And Banana Hotcakes Social Hideout

North Parramatta

There’s a fine line between breakfast and dessert, and this dish is definitely sitting somewhere in the middle. The amount of Nutella on these hotcakes is sickening, so there’s almost enough for us on there. It’s also topped with vanilla ice cream, bananas and all of the syrup. This one isn’t for the faint hearted.

Three Cheese Stuffed Field Mushrooms At Edmonds & Greer


Interior design store slash beautiful café, Edmonds and Greer is serving up the brunch-time goods daily. We’ve got our eye on the three cheese stuffed field mushrooms with lemon and oregano crust, served with smashed avocado on sourdough and so should you. It also comes with snow pea tendrils and truffle oil, so basically all of our favourite things. 

Cornflake French Toast At Henri Marc


You read that right: cornflake French toast. This one is a slice of sourdough; made into French toast and then topped with blueberries, blood orange, vanilla custard and cornflakes. It sounds just crazy enough to work, and that’s because it totally does. Everything at Henri Marc is beautiful, but this one takes the toast (you geddit?). 

If you love a bit of coffee with your breakfast (of course you do), then check this out.

Image credit: Claudia Shmueli at Cornersmith Annandale

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