50 Brisbane Restaurants You Should Have Eaten At

By Catherine Blake - 21 Oct 2016

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Some places are so entrenched in our local culture that they’re as much a part of Brisbane as asking strangers what school they went to. Anyone who’s stuck around long enough will inevitably have encountered most of Brisbane’s best restaurants, but other, more coquettish, enjoyments require a bit of ego-stroking pursuit and a decent trek.

Depending on how far afield you’re willing to travel for a decent feed, we reckon we’ve nailed 50 Brisbane restaurants that everyone really should try if they haven’t already. Keep it handy the next time you’re flailing in the anguish of deciding where to go for dinner.

  1. e'cco Bistro: an icon to rival the Story Bridge.    
  2. Gauge: probably the coolest thing to happen to Brisbane ever.
  3. The Balfour Kitchen: frangipani trees, a lovingly restored Queenslander, oh and award-winning, hatted food. 
  4. Beccofino/ Julius Pizzeria: pizza, calamari, and everything worth an elasticated waistband.
  5. 1889 enoteca: the marriage of wine and food has never been better.
  6. Sichuan Bang Bang: some of the best and most authentic Sichuan cuisine this side of Chengdu.
  7. Pizzeria Violetta: DOC Napoli approved ecstasy in every slice.
  8. GOMA Restaurant: yes the food looks as good as the art surrounding it. Don’t get me started on the views.
  9. Trang Restaurant: cheap and cheerful nosh for you and 38 of your best mates.
  10. Ben's Burgers: proving a great burger trumps a well balanced diet any day.
  11. Shouk Café: Middle Eastern breakfast was a revelation that needed to happen.
  12. Fresh Sushi Co.: because they do what it says on the sign.
  13. Jam Pantry: breakfast is so much more than vegemite on toast–they’re up at the crack of dawn making their own RELISH.
  14. Curryville: suck it up, Northsiders. It’s worth the drive.
  15.  Likewise, The Little Indian Place in Cleveland.
  16. Three Monkeys Coffee House: coffee and cake at 10pm is the only known cure for jetlag.
  17. Carolina Kitchen: everything you need for an American feast from hoagies to pumpkin pie.
  18. Scout Café: where did we go for vibes and breakfast before they opened?
  19. Tartufo: for their osso buco and possibly the best pizza in Brisbane
  20. Pearl Café: consistently wonderful and practically perfect in every way. 
  21. Sono: one word, teppanyaki. And a hashtag #shrimpinthepocket.
  22. Happy Boy: ultra modern Chinese and bulk good times knows no other name.
  23. Ben’s Burgers: everything a burger should be and nothing less.
  24. Ginger's Diner: hole-in-the-wall-come-M*A*S*H-themed Korean. I mean, that's pretty great.
  25. Rogue Bistro: dinner that looks better than you do.
  26. The Yiros Shop: two words, haloumi fries.   
  27. Hello Please: phunky phresh Vietnamese shaking up Fish Lane.
  28. Bar Alto: the OG of yuppie languor and river views.
  29. Taro’s Café: home to some of the best ramen in the world.
  30. Harveys Bistro: our first stop for breakfast since Daria was still airing.
  31. Longtime: cocktails, curries and good times.
  32. Gerard’s Bar: ultra fine dining meets Middle Eastern comfort food.
  33. Esquire/Esq.: the pinnacle of powerlunching in a two-pronged attack.
  34. The Euro: the darling of awards season with just enough exposed brick to make you feel cool by proxy.
  35. Sake: breaking down the barriers that say popcorn chicken has no place in fine dining.
  36. Death Star Canteen: the only known purveyors of penne alle arrabbiata.
  37. Anouk: Paddington’s longest-standing brunch date.
  38. Merriweather Café: where the conditions are always perfect and the brunch game is strong AF.
  39. Sourced Grocer: universally adored as the best neighbourhood shop in all the planet.
  40. She Bangs: toast, ‘tude and all the grunge you can handle.
  41. The Smoke BBQ: low and slow American BBQ so smoky it comes out in a plume.
  42. Bird’s Nest Yakitori: there’s no sense in overloading your agenda, just do one thing and do it spectacularly well.
  43. Stokehouse: when I say that something ‘brings the stoke’ this is the actual place where all the stoke comes from #truestory.
  44. Restaurant II: bit of an institution innit?
  45. Bao Down Now: the latest thing in burgers isn’t a burger.
  46. Let Minnow: best goddamn jaffles and best goddamn milkshakes under the same goddamn roof.
  47. The Wolfe: new, exciting, contemporary and not in the CBD.
  48. Rogue Spice Canteen: all the South-East Asian flavourgasms. All of them.
  49. Moga: where pouring sake is a team activity and you can teriyaki for days. 
  50. Café O Mai: their banh mi will change the way you think about breakfast.  

Image credit: Gerard's Bar by Ariana Gillrie

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