Fave 5 Burgers in Melbourne

By Clare Acheson
26th May 2015

When we love something we really, truly LOVE something! And that’s exactly how we feel about our new relationship! Some things just go together. Like cookies and cream, Brandon and Brenda… The Urban List and MINI! 

Our two families have collaborated to bring discerning readers and drivers a new fortnightly series – MINI Fave 5s. The must-try guide to Melbourne, celebrating the launch of the new MINI 5-door hatch

So, Urban Listers, clear the diary and get excited for our Fave 5s. There’s a whole year of eating, drinking and discovering to be done… 


Listers, if you love tucking into a juicy, cheese-covered (usually), relish-drenched (ALWAYS) slice of meat crammed between two glossy brioche buns, then this is the one that you’ve been waiting for. When I sat down to write about five of the best burgers in Melbourne, my short-list hit the double figures. Yup, cutting it down was tough, and it’s probably taken a good ten years off my life, but here we have it: These are the five absolute best burgers in Melbourne for your meat fix.

Rowdy Double Cheeseburger at Easey’s


If you love doing the double, Easey’s in Collingwood serves up one of the best double patty burgers in Melbourne in its ROOFTOP TRAINCARRIAGE burger bar. Founded by Jimmy of Jimmy’s Burgers fame (aka. the Melbourne burger bible), Easey’s Rowdy Double Cheeseburger contains two patties, two slices of American cheddar, a tonne of bacon, a sprinkling of jalepenos, some pickles, onions and the two-fold epicness that is ketchup and mayo. Pro points for replacing the meat patty with a potato cake in their vegetarian burgers, double-pro points for serving Melbourne Bitter on tap, and triple-pro points for somehow getting a restaurant in a train on a roof to pass any form of public safety standards. Jimmy, you’re our hero.

Full Trolley at Wonky Trolley

North Melbourne

If you’ve never heard of Wonky Trolley, we wouldn’t blame you. The North Melbourne restaurant is somewhat of a hidden gem, and its Full Trolley burger is a testament to the creativity of the team, who continually turn out some of the best burgers in Melbourne that offer more than a simple patty and seeded bun affair.

The wonky wonder in question comes with bacon, cheese, pineapple salad, house relish, aioli and a whole egg, all served on top of a top grade beef patty in between a fresh bun—basically a burger meets breakfast meets a Hawaiian pizza. Totally bonkers to some degree, but also totally delicious.

Double Patty Smash at Rockwell & Sons


There is clearly something in the water in Collingwood, with two of our Fave 5 Melbourne burgers being dished up in the gritty inner-Melbourne burb. Rockwell & Sons’ Double Patty Smash is frequently referred to in my circle as a Macca’s cheeseburger on premium-ingredient crack, and that’s basically what it is. The beef is succulent and flavoursome, the Kraft cheese slice perfectly melted, and the special sauce (gimme your recipe now, pleeeease!) gives the perfect amount of tang to the classic double patty on a brioche bun. This combined with the carefully curated beer list and topped off by the fact that the service in Rockwell is always A1, makes it Fave 5 worthy. One of the best burgers in Melbourne if you’re a purist.

Chicken Burger at Parlour Diner


In my eyes (or mouth), fried chicken burgers are things of succulent battered poultry dreams, so it took a lot of deliberation to choose only one to go on this list, but it’s official: Windsor restaurant Parlour Diner turns out the best chicken burger in Melbourne. Piled high with tender fried chicken in some of the crispiest batter around, layered with pickles, freshly sliced tomato, cheese slaw and condiment of the Gods, chipotle mayo, there is literally nothing about this that we can fault. 10/10 would eat again. And again. And again…

Hummer Burger at Fat Bob’s


Holler at me, spice fiends! This is the Melbourne burger for you. The Hummer burger at Fat Bob’s in Moorabbin is my #1 go to for a fiery beef burger that really packs a punch. The burger itself comes with Spanish onions, crunchy jalapenos, cucumber (which really works with the heat), cheese and Fat Bob’s house spicy mayo, making for a deliciously well-dressed burger that can’t be faulted. My top tip? If you’re feeling brave, ask for extra jalapenos and slam some hot sauce in there, and wash it all down with an Anchor Steam Beer form San Fran. Sorted.

Love burgers as much as we do? Snap the burgers you’re biting into and Instagram the pics with the hashtag #MINIfave5…We’ll keep your finds in mind for our next round-up of the best burgers in Melbourne. 

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Image credits: Wonky Trolley, Parlour DIner, Easey's, Fat Bob's - Simon Shiff. Rockwell and Sons - Nick West.

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