25 Things You Won’t Realise You Miss About Auckland Until You Leave

By Olivia Atkinson
20th Apr 2017

Here Are The Best Things To Do In Auckland This Week

The saying ‘you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone’ exists for a reason, folks! As much as us Aucklanders love to moan about how much our city frustrates us (traffic, ugh), there are certain things about the City of Sails that we miss the second we leave it.

Whether you’re far, far away from Auckland, planning to make a move, or are just suffering from A-town homesickness, here are 25 things you’ll find yourself missing about Auckland once you ditch it.

1.The food! From old faves to new openings, Auckland’s foodie scene has got it going on.

2.Special shout-out to brunch. Nowhere else does it better.

3.Being able to live a five-minute drive from a beach. Nothing beats a post-work stroll along the sand.

4.The weather (hear us out). Yes, it can be rainy and gross, but that only makes us appreciate the pearler days even more.

5.Having parks in the middle of the city. Where else do you get to do hill sprints up the side of a volcano?!

6.Three words: Dominion Road dumplings.

7.The cruisy lifestyle. It may be a busy city, but Auckland makes the whole work-life balance thing a breeze.

8.The mighty Sky Tower. She’s a beaut.

9.Complaining about the traffic. It brings the people together.

10.Jumping on a ferry and ending up on a beautiful vineyard-laden island in less than an hour.

11.The glorious, silky, smooth coffee. It’s not as easy to find once you leave Auckland and it will break your heart a bit (read: a lot).

12.Chowing down on fish and chips at Mission Bay with Rangitoto as your view. Bliss.

13.Running across the Harbour Bridge during the Auckland Marathon. Let’s be honest, it’s the only reason any of us would consider running 21km.

14.All the hidden treasures to discover. We’re talking laneways, cafes, adventures and other secret spots.

15.Cocktails on the sunny side of Ponsonby Road. Oh-so Auckland, but oh-so good.

16.The great outdoors! Who said cities can’t be one with Mother Nature? Auckland is home to some truly awesome outdoor adventures.

17.The fact that there’s ALWAYS something to do. Don’t believe us? Get amongst this.

18.Topshop, Zara and H&M. If you’re moving to somewhere else in NZ, you’re guaranteed to miss them.

19.While we may be no London, Auckland’s market game is pretty strong. From flower markets and vegan markets to French weekend markets and night markets, you can make market-hopping a full-time job.

20.Real fruit ice creams in the summertime.

21.Having the water right on your doorstep. Why can’t all cities be by the water, please and thank you.

22.Finding a hot date. It’s a cinch in ol’ Auckland.

23.Being able to go on a magical bush walk, less than 30 minutes from your house.

24.Camping, too!

25.Taking a picnic and a couple of beers to a secret lookout spot and staring out at the city, thinking how lucky you are to have called this place home.

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Image Credit : Chris McLennan

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