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50 Things To Do In Perth While It’s Still Hot

By Tessa Gallagher
24th Feb 2016

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news but summer is officially nearly over.

It’s been a glorious three months where eating ice cream any time of the day is totally acceptable, thongs are the only pair of footwear you need and you (almost!) feel guilty for watching hours of Netflix instead of making the most of the glorious sunshine.

But don’t fret, because we all know the Perth summer extends waaaay past February and you still have weeks of hot weather ahead of you before the cold hits.

We’ve put together a list of 50 things to do in Perth while the weather is still gloriously hot. Get started now!

  1. Bags yourself a comfy spot and settle in at one of these outdoor cinemas.
  2. See an outdoor gig. May we suggest one of these or one of these?
  3. Have a sunset barbecue at Kings Park. You know you’ve been talking about it all summer.
  4. Sip on cocktails and bask in the cool breeze of the ocean at City Beach newbie, Odyssea.
  5. Go out for dins mid-week at one of these spots—while it’s still light after work.
  6. Get your a.m coffee fix somewhere new at one of these recently opened spots.
  7. Buy yourself a flamingo, donut or whatever on-trend animal/food-shaped pool inflatable you can get your hands on and incessantly bombard everyone’s Instagram with photos of you on it.
  8. Try a Food Loose Tour and sample some of Perth’s best food and drink on foot. 
  9. Go for a wander round the brand spankin’ new Elizabeth Quay and feel #soproud to live in Perth.
  10. Ditto with the new State Buildings precinct.
  11. Tick off erry single one of these 50 Perth Cafes You Should Have Had Breakfast At.
  12. Make friends with one of these Perth summer cocktails.
  13. Keep your summer health kick going as long as possible with one of these healthy eats.
  14. Escape the heat and book a massage here, here or here.
  15. Relax and surrender to the sweet tunes at Sunset Sounds in Freo.
  16. Bask in the air-conditioning and watch a film here. And obviously indulge in a delicious choc top while you're there.
  17. Hunt down the Eat No Evil food truck and eat some of the best food truck noms going around.
  18. Ride your way around Freo for free, thanks to the City of Fremantle’s Free Wheeling Fremantle initiative. Bikes are available from E Shed Markets and can be used anywhere in Freo.
  19. Take your SO for fish n’ chips at sunset at one of Perth’s best beaches. This is a MUST before summer ends!
  20. Take the ferry to Rotto and wonder why you haven’t spent the whole summer there.
  21. Buy some beautiful local produce in the sunshine at the Subi Farmers Markets on a Saturday morning.
  22. Catch a local band here, here or here.
  23. Stick to your New Year's health resolution and get on board with one of these Perth workouts with epic views.
  24. Buy some new threads on William Street in Northbridge.
  25. Take a hoola hoops class at Happy Healthy Hoops on Scarborough Beach.
  26. See Perth from a kayak #whatyoulookingatswan.
  27. Eat gelato for breakfast from one of Perth’s best Gelato makers.
  28. Take a day-trip to The Swan Valley and sample some of our home-grown thirst quenching wines.
  29. Down a spicy cocktail or two in the courtyard at Long Chim.
  30. Try your hand at windsurfing here.
  31. Trek through the stunning Hills region and tick off a chunk of the Bibbulmun Track while you’re at it.
  32. Connect with your inner kid and spend the day at Adventure World or Xscape At The City.
  33. Explore the hidden gems of Perth that you haven’t gotten around to visiting yet.
  34. Go for a swim somewhere new! Maybe one of these secret Perth swimming spots.
  35. Chill out at a yoga class with strong AC.
  36. Have brekky in Freo then wander around the streets ogling houses you can’t afford.
  37. Take a sneaky stay-cation at the Alex Hotel and admire the stunning views from the private rooftop terrace.
  38. Run the 10km Bridge to Bridge loop and bask in the glory of Perth City from a different angle.
  39. Mount your saddle, don some lycra (optional) and conquer these scenic cycling routes.
  40. Make your way through these cheap eats—all under $10!
  41. Soak up some vitamin D and book in for a one-hour SUP lesson with Elemental Stand Up Paddle, starting from $30.
  42. Grab a pub lunch with a view at The OBH and thank your lucky stars for Cott Beach.
  43. Grab 10 of your best mates for a round of bubble soccer
  44. For when it’s REALLY hot, read this guide to surviving a Perth heatwave!
  45. Go on an epic Perth rooftop bar crawl.
  46. Dust off the vintage bike you’ve been promising to ride all summer and go for a Sunday ride around your neighbourhood. 
  47. Indulge in one of Perth’s best fat feeds….cos it’s almost not bikini season anymore.
  48. Start telling anyone who will listen how you think this will probably be the hottest Autumn ever. 
  49. Go explore a neighbourhood you haven’t been to for a while, like here or here.
  50. Enjoy the balmy evenings and go check out one of Perth’s best night markets.

Looking for more Perthy goodness? Check out 50 Things To Do in Perth Under $50!

Yelo Subiaco | Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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