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10 Types Of People To Avoid In Life

There are some special breeds of human walking this earth that could be described as less than fantastic; who do things that leave you…

7 Girls You'll Definitely Date Before Finding The One

Guys tend to have a simpler dating approach to women, based largely around a “whatever I can get” philosophy.

21 Arguments Every Couple Has Had At Least Once

Remember when love was well and truly in the air and your ears couldn’t hear anything past the copious amounts of sweet nothings? Yeah, us…

PSA: You Can Adopt An Animal For $50 This Saturday!

Drop everything you’re doing animal lovers and wannabe pet parents! Because this weekend could literally change your life.

A Willy Wonka Pop Up Is Coming To The Gold Coast (With Singing And Dancing Oompa Loompas)

All of your childhood dreams are about to come true IRL because sugar-filled heaven is coming to the Gold Coast!

10 TV Shows You Should Be Bingeing On Right Now

We’re calling it; there is nothing quite as decadent as wasting an entire day (read: weekend) bingeing the latest must-watch-now series.

40 Things Only Short People Will Understand

If there was ever a more fitting time to say “the struggle is real”, it’s now.

We Reveal What Job You Should Be Doing Based On Your Star Sign

To help you get out of your career rut, we’ve found the best jobs for your star sign.

30 Things You’ll Learn When You Move To Queensland

A succinct list of everything you will learn when you move to Queensland. Like, snakes are everywhere and the Ibis are in charge.

10 Hobbies To Start In 2017

While we all know we could be slightly better at adulthood, starting a new hobby is a sure fire way to reach that goal.

20 Things Only Coriander Haters Understand

Oh coriander, you polarising, hateful, selfish herb, you. I almost feel sorry for how bad you taste, except that I don’t at all.

17 Apps That Will Make Returning To Work Bearable

We've found some nifty apps aimed to alleviate all the stresses of going back to work, so you can cut the crap and get stuck into the…

7 New Books You Won’t Wanna Put Down This Summer!

Along with the cocktails and parties, when we think of summer we think of chill-axing on the beach with a good book. So we created the…

20 Life Hacks To Make 2017 The Best Year Ever

We’ve conjured a handy list of 20 life hacks that’ll help you go forth into 2017 and kick ass.

New Year. New You. 15 LOL-worthy Resolutions.

This year, aim to set New Year's Resolutions that will make your life better but won’t leave you feeling like dirt when you fail dismally…

What Your Favourite Christmas Movie Says About You

Here’s a selection of some of the finest holiday flicks, and what they say about you. Get ready to know yourself better.

The Gen Y Guide To Being Single At Christmas

We’ve put together a guide to tackling Christmas as a free agent that’ll make everyone with a lover wish they were too (maybe).

10 Podcasts You Need To Listen To, Stat!

With new pods launching daily, we thought it was high time we shared 10 podcasts we are loving right now (and think you need to subscribe…

30 Things Americans Need To Know Before They Move To Australia

In light of the US election, it's a good time to give our American friends an insight into life in Australia, if they want to get the hell…

50 Thoughts We Had While Watching The US Election

If like us, you've spent the afternoon working hard, and by working we mean watching the US election, you're probably feeling a lot…

34 Signs You're Old Before Your Time

If your life currently resembles any of the following then it might be time to start saving for that Zimmer frame…

The Bachelor Episode 4 | Power Rankings

Is it just me or is this series taking longer than usual? There are still 12 ladies left and we’ve been going for months, haven’t we?

Songs To Get You Through The Stages Of Breakup Grief

While boxes of tissues, cheap wine, voodoo, and one-night stands can all help, the only constant you have along the stages of grieving a…

The Best Television Shows You’re Not Watching

Make the most of winter by curling up with your cosiest blanket and catch up on these six television shows you’ve seriously been missing.

Guys, It Might Snow On The Gold Coast This Weekend!

Get your mittens out peeps, there’s snow on the horizon. An arctic front is set to hit this weekend with snow, hail, and chilly winds as…

To Binge | 7 Shows We're Watching On Netflix Right Now

For your Netflix viewing pleasure and to help you get through the chilly winter months ahead, here’s seven shows that are currently…

10 Mistakes Interns Make

There are some fairly obvious hazards that could see you turfed, however there are also some equally damning mistakes you might not even…

39 Ways To Spot A Gold Coast Tourist

If you’re a local, you know how to spot a tourist. From their overly perky steps to their bum bag, a first-time Gold Coast tourist is a…

6 Signs She Wants To Break Up With You

Relationships end all the time. Sometimes it’s tough. Sometimes it’s really tough.

Netflix And Chills | 13 Scary AF Movies To Watch This Friday 13th

If you’re game to get your scare on tonight, check out our picks of the 13 best scary movies to watch on Netflix right now.

28 Reasons Why Being Single Is Awesome

Here is a 28-strong taster as to why remaining single is just as fulfilling as finding your kindred spirit.

Why Being Incredibly Good Looking Is Harder Than You Think

One in 50 Australians suffers from beautifulism on a daily basis. It affects both women and men. Our struggle is real.

The Secret Netflix Categories You Need To Search Now!

If you're a Netflix fanatic, what we're about to tell you will change your life. Did you know there’s a whole secret section you haven’t…

10 Snapchat Hacks You Need To Know Now

There's a few tips and tricks that can take your Snapchat game to the next level that you need to be using, like, now.

Pros And Cons | To Sleep With Or Not To Sleep With?

Alright, so you’re single and ready to mingle, but you’re also ready to move past the phase of sleeping with anything with a pulse to…

Five Really Shitty April Fools’ Pranks For You Not To Try

Hey there. Are you a zany funster like me? If so, your favourite day of the year is also April 1, aka April Fools’ Day.

19 Things You’ve Tried Or Said If You Are Health Obsessed

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to list 19 sweepingly-generalised things you’ve probably said or done, if you are a lycra-clad,…

15 Ways To Pass The Time When You’re Flat Broke

Lists of best chicken wing joints and guides to what's happening this weekend aren’t of much use when you haven’t got a buck in the…

Queensland Calls Last Drinks | New Lockout Laws To Start July 1

Did Shakespeare stop drinking at 2am? Einstein? Churchill certainly didn’t. Queensland's new lockout laws are set to take effect from July…

What Your Car Says About You

Purchasing a car can be a very careful decision, while at other times your car kind of picks you. Want to know the story of what your car…

30 Ways To Avoid A Terrible New Year's Eve

There are definitely some do’s and don’ts to a successful New Year's Eve. So with that, here are our tips to avoid a horrendous night…

WIN | Enjoy Summer With Stone & Wood Brewing Company!

We’re giving away two precious cases of the limited release beer, just in time for Christmas!