Netflix And Chills | 13 Scary AF Movies To Watch This Friday 13th

By Jessica Pridmore
13th May 2016

Happy Friday 13th folks!

Traditionally the unluckiest day of the year, embrace your innermost fears and indulge in a little Netflix and “chills” tonight—all hair-raising horrors and ghoulish ghost tales.

If you’re game to get your scare on tonight, check out our picks of the 13 best scary movies to watch on Netflix right now*.

*Watching behind a pillow is perfectly acceptable.

1. Poltergeist

Purists will hate the 2015 re-make of this total classic. If like me, you watched it first time around as an 8-year-old, you’ll have a very real fear of clowns, TVs, and ancient burial grounds, and still look under your bed before you go to sleep. If you never want to sleep again, watch this.

2. Mirrors

Playing an ex cop-come-night patroller, Kiefer Sutherland gets up close and personal with his reflection in this surprisingly suspenseful tale. It’s no 24 with ghosts (awesome, right?), but if you’re keen for a dose of Kiefer in a not-so-awful horror, maybe check this out.

3. Annabelle

Again with the dolls! After a brief appearance in “The Conjuring”, Annabelle, a ridiculously creepy looking doll (who just happens to be possessed by some hell awful spirit, as most gross looking dolls are) unleashes all kinds of terrifying scenarios unto its owners. Not a touch on the 80s classic, Child’s Play, but if you like predictable but-still-totally-scary jolts, hit the play button!

4. The Awakening

Less horror, more intensely suspenseful ghost story, The Awakening will still scare the s**t out of you. Set in England 1921 (already terrifying!), our heroine is sent to investigate multiple sightings of a ghost at an old boys’ school. Long story short, stuff gets creepy, people start dying. Nuff said, really.

5. Hush

Hush’s spin on home invasion is a total fear-fest (if you don’t like being home alone, this is probably not for you). A reclusive writer, who lost her hearing as a teenager, is trapped in her home as a would-be murderer plays fast and loose with her sanity. With no neighbours, no voice and no hearing, 90 minutes of no dialogue has never been more frightening.

6. Insidious

The makers of Paranormal Activity and Saw came up with another wet-your-pants cracker, Insidious. When a young boy harbours all the tell tale signs of an evil spirit you can kiss your sleep goodbye, fair viewer. Let’s be honest, any scary movie that involves children or kids toys or nursery rhymes is top-shelf scary.

7. Babadook

Toying with a recently widowed mother and her son, Badabook is all of your childhood nightmares rolled into one. Bedtime stories and imaginary friends take a real downer in this Aussie horror, with bumps in the night and creepy things in your closet: the stuff not of nightmares, but real life. Eek!

8. Sharknado 1—3

The sight of hundreds of 1000kg Great White Sharks flying through the air, with apparent ability to live outside of the ocean is the stuff of true nightmares. Settle in, hit play, and revel in the best slash worst horror franchise of all time.

9. The Shining

No horror movie marathon is complete without a classic Stanley Kubrick! This infamous tale of a young family holed up inside an eerily empty hotel is considered an icon of 20th century cinema, and for good reason. And, you know what they say, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Jack Nicholson… Scary AF.

10. Scream 2

Wes Craven’s Scream 2 was seriously frightening stuff when it was released in the 90s and practically rejuvenated a flailing Hollywood horror industry. Set in a simpler time—full of dial phones and mom jeans—watch as a masked serial killer targets a group of 90s hipsters in their homes.

11. The Last Exorcism Part 2

Another day, another pretty young thing gets possessed by the devil and gets contorted into a whole manner of uncomfortable positions as the life is sucked out of her. It’s a re-hash of a re-hash of a re-hash, but it still offers up a few scares.

12. The Reef

A group of boaters get capsized on the Great Barrier Reef and are terrorised by one seriously sadistic, hungry shark. Sharks, they get such a bad rap…

13. The Nightmare

A collection of real life experiences told from the perspective of people who suffer from sleep paralysis, this is full-on scare mongering at its best. Maybe sleep on the couch tonight?


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Photo Credit: The Babadook

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