Uber To Be Legalised In Queensland

By Lucy Walgers
12th Aug 2016

The government have finally come to their senses and are legalising Uber in QLD. This is huge, guys!

And because we have such a tech savvy bunch of politics leading the state, the announcement was made this morning via Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s Facebook page.

The long-winded statement is full of interesting titbits, but what we pulled from it was that “Queensland is the innovation state” and that HER government will provide a $100 million industry assistance package which will include over $4 million in waived taxi fees. Basically, they’re gonna do what they can to make the transition to a ride-sharing state as smooth as possible for the taxi industry.

But what does this mean for us? Put simply, your bad-ass days of being a guilty passenger will be over come September 5. No longer will you be breaking the law if you open up that little Godsend of an Uber app and order a driver to pick you up. We don’t even know if you actually were in the first place? Maybe you were just an accessory to illegal driving?

Whichever way it’s wound, as of next month Uber will be legalised in Queensland. We have no idea what this means in the big picture, but right now, for us, it means we’ll be Ubering out little tushes around the place that little bit more. Over and out.

Image Credit: Drive

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