PSA: You Can Adopt An Animal For $50 This Saturday!

By Claire Plush
6th Apr 2017

Drop everything you’re doing animal lovers and wannabe pet parents! Because this weekend could literally change your life.

As part of RSPCA Queensland’s state-wide fire sale (they’re currently packed to the brim and can’t take any more animals), RSPCA Miami is cutting their adoption prices to $50 for adult cats and dogs. But there’s a catch—it’s happening this Saturday only.

Considering that finding your furry soulmate is indeed a priceless moment, splashing out 50 buckaroos is a mere dent in your daily double shot latte on soy habit. And you’ll be getting SO much more than a shot (sorry, a double shot) of caffeine will ever give you. Because animals are LOVE.

Think cat snuggles on these wintery mornings and long walks on the beach at sunset beside your forever grateful dog. Sounds like bliss, huh?

Now, before you go getting ahead of yourselves, we want you to actually seriously think about this whole pet-owning decision. Because your new four-legged friend is most likely going to be around longer than your current girlfriend/boyfriend (let’s be real), and it’s going to need to be fed, patted and sung to (oh, just us?) every day.

But, if you’ve been toying with the idea of adopting a pet, for like EVER, and realise how awesome it would be to give one of the RSPCA’s long-term residents AKA an adult animal, a furever home, you need to get one of those yellowy golden notes at the ready.

With over 2,300 pets currently in RSPCA’s care across the state, your options are going to be pretty wide. So, we suggest getting in early on Saturday, meeting and greeting as many as you can, before finding THE ONE.


When: Saturday April 8 from 10am to 4pm
Where: RSPCA Miami, 2172 Gold Coast Highway, Miami

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