10 Hobbies To Start In 2017

By handerson
28th Jan 2017

While we all know we could be slightly better at adulthood, starting a new hobby is a sure fire way to reach that goal.

Who would have thought we were onto something when we started playing minkey and learning the recorder in year four (sorry mum). While it feels pretty good at the time, unfortunately the road to adulthood doesn’t include floating on a giant blow up swan in your friend’s pool all weekend. Okay, that actually sounds amazing, but just like season seven of Game of Thrones, winter is coming, then what will you do? Besides watch GoT, that is.

Fear less friends, here’s our guide to the best hobbies to start in 2017.

Home Brewing… Coffee That Is

If paying $4.50 for a coffee seems normal to you, you’ve been living in Australia for too long. That’s almost $2,000 a year for a coffee a day! Here’s a better idea—spend that money on a coffee machine, wake up five minutes earlier each morning and Bob’s your uncle. It also means you get to buy yourself a fun coffee cup, get to know the best roasters in your city, and overnight become a coffee snob. Et voila!

Brunch Club And Supper Crew

Fact: hobbies are a lot more fun with friends. And hobbies with friends that involve food are even more fun. So, go and start yourself a brunch club or supper crew. Make it monthly and make sure everyone commits. If you’ve got a lawyer or an accountant in the club, get them to make an excel spreadsheet to keep track of which month belongs to who (they love that shiz). If you’re doing brunch club, create a list of everywhere you’ve been wanting to try and stick to it, if you’re doing supper club, take things to the next level with some crazy cuisines or era themes.

Je Ne Comprends Pas

Spend some time in a non-English speaking country and you’ll start to wish you had taken those high school Japanese lessons a little more seriously. Don’t get us wrong, walking the streets of Tokyo saying “Hottodoggu” is probably the most fun you’ll have this year, but yelling “Baño!” in Mexico is certainly not. For those playing at home, baño = toilet. Now you understand the severity? Get cultured Strayan’s! If only for the fact that it’ll make you feel very, very cool (and potentially help you understand Narcos a little better).

Airbnb That Shizz

Sure, changing someone else’s sheets and having multiple awkward conversations sounds like the worst thing ever, but checking your bank balance and being richer for it doesn’t, right? If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room, Airbnb people! It’s 2017, get onto it. It may not seem like a hobby, but you’ve been warned—it’s as addictive as any hobby can be.

Monday Bake-Off

Whoever said that hobbies were for the weekend clearly never had a boring office job. Monday Bake-Off is the greatest thing to ever happen to your Monday morning. Here’s how it works. Each bake-off member is assigned a Monday. When it’s your turn, on a Sunday afternoon, you need to come up with a morning tea show stopper. A little piece of advice—turning it into a competition and not inviting the gluten/lactose/sugar/carb-free folks in your office is optional, but highly recommended!

Become A Blogger

We wouldn’t be classic Gen Ys without a hobby involving our laptop, would we? Be that annoying person wearing questionably large reading glasses, sipping a coffee at a quirky cafe at 11am on a Tuesday, and get writing. No one necessarily has to read it, and it’s likely no one will (for a while anyway), but challenge yourself to do it. Have something you think you are kind of okay at? Come up with a name and get started on WordPress.

The Art To Calligraphy

Do all the brides in your friendship group a favour and learn calligraphy. Putting aside all the cash you could earn by writing “love” on a piece of canvas in gold brushstroke, you will soon become the handiest friend to have (pun definitely intended). Having that pen license doesn’t seem so silly now, does it?

Start Swinging

That got your attention! But seriously, buy yourself some black and white patent school shoes and get into swing dancing. Benefits include looking like the excruciatingly perfect Ryan and Emma in La La Land (one can always dream), developing a sweet set of pins and nailing the inevitable dance circle that forms at any wedding.

Make Your Own Candles

Look, fancy candles are awesome but spending $100 on them is quite literally burning your money away. Got nothing to do on a Wednesday night? Look up a YouTube video, buy a few mason jars, then pour yourself a glass of red and cheap gift giving for the rest of the year is sorted (it also means your house will smell like Aesop forever!).

Tennis For The Win

Maybe it’s that Roger Fed is a thing or maybe it’s because of the Lululemon range you can now tap into, but what would this list be without Tennis? Screw dieting, this is how to get Michelle Bridges arms! Get a group of friends together, choose a night at a tennis club near you and all of a sudden, group fitness through peer pressure and the desire to smash ‘em becomes fun.


Photo Credit: Louise Coghill

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