50 Things You Should Have Done If You Live In Perth

By Tessa Gallagher - 26 Aug 2015

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Top Dup
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Manna Wholefoods And Cafe
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Viet Hoa
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Lalla Rookh Bar & Eating House
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Gusto Gelato | Image credit: Louise Coghill

We might be the most isolated city in the world, but we reckon living in Perth is still pretty rad. And we also think it’s pretty unique. Whether it’s a swim down at Cott on a Sunday morning (unless the shark alarm sounds), buying a slightly overpriced coffee in Mount Lawley (even though it’s not as good as Melbourne coffee), driving down south (but not at 4pm on a Friday—traffic!), or planning your next trip to Bali (don’t lie, we know you are), there’s a bunch of things to do in Perth….things that makes living in our sun-drenched city fun, hilarious, sometimes frustrating but always very, very Perth.

So without further ado, here’s 50 things you should have done if you live in Perth. How many have you ticked off?

  1. Have a picnic in Kings Park and talk about how you ‘should do this more often.’
  2. Head to Bunnings for a $2 sausage sizzle…or three.
  3. Pay an exorbitant amount to spend the day at Adventure World.
  4. Spend a boozy Sunday afternoon drinking pints at The OBH in Cottesloe.
  5. Make sure no girls night out is complete without a visit to The Hip-E Club.
  6. Relive your youth and grab a soft serve cone (with a flake obviously) from the Mr Whippy truck. 
  7. Buy coffee and be surprised when you get change from $5.
  8. Plan your annual trip to Bali, Melbourne, and Rotto.
  9. Whinge about Perth drivers…why can’t anyone merge?
  10. Be an awesome person and take a Top Dup doughnut to a heartbroken friend.
  11. Spend an afternoon people watching at the Freo Markets.
  12. While you’re there, start a health kick and stock up on organic produce from Manna Wholefoods in Freo.
  13. Have a swim at Cottesloe Beach (but early cos you know, the sea breeze…)
  14. Quit complaining that you’re stuck for things to do in Perth and learn to surf. But actually do it this time. 
  15. Walk or run the 10km Bridge to Bridge loop.
  16. Spend an afternoon trawling through the antique shops in Guildford.
  17. Stuff yourself full of fish and chips at the beach at sunset. #bestsunsetever
  18. Get cultural and see a show at The Blue Room Theatre or State Theatre Centre.
  19. Spend a Saturday morning eating Mr Drummond crumpets at The Subiaco Farmers Market.
  20. Celebrate something special with dinner at Nobu.
  21. Make a wish list at Empire Homewares.
  22. Buy some of the best gelato of your life at Gusto Gelato in Leederville.
  23. Have Sunday morning yum cha on William Street in Northbridge.
  24. Sit back and relax at an open air movie screening at Northbridge Rooftop Movies over Summer.
  25. Take your Mum for high tea at Rochelle Adonis.
  26. See a show at Crown…but make sure you book 9 months in advance.
  27. Have a group dinner for under $15 a head at Viet Hoa in Northbridge.
  28. Put the best bartenders in the west to the test and work your way through the cocktail menu at Laneway Lounge, Print Hall, Bobeche and LallaRookh.
  29. Overcome your fear of heights and jump for your life off the cliff at Blackwall Reach.
  30. Catch a live gig at Metro’s or The Rosemount.
  31. Enlist a friend and walk ‘The Coast’ from North Beach to Trigg then grab a coffee from Yelo afterwards.
  32. Hightail it to Guildford and have a Sunday roast on a cold Winters’ day at The Rose and Crown.
  33. Get yo nails did at ProfessioNail.
  34. Roll up your sleeve and donate blood….and then fill up on milkshakes and mini Mars Bars afterwards, all in the spirit of 're-fuelling.'
  35. Make like a tourist and go see Tricia the elephant (and the otters!) at Perth Zoo.
  36. Take your most gourmet picnic to the outdoor Somerville Movies (or risk #foodenvy)
  37. Stalk your fave food truck and get your fill of food for around $10.
  38. Stuff your face with delicious dumplings and BYO wine in Chinatown.
  39. Grab yo mates and witness some of the best improv comedy in Perth at the Big Hoo Haa at Lazy Susan's on a Saturday night.
  40. Get your mouth around a burger with the lot at Alfred’s.
  41. Try the latest trend in exercise and then smugly tell your mates about it—Lagree anyone?
  42. Pick your parking spot based on shade (not distance) over summer.
  43. Get a tarpaulin, the hose and some dishwashing liquid to make yourself a backyard Slip n’ Slide.
  44. Do a small bar crawl in the Perth CBD on a Friday evening…that innocently starts as ‘just a quick drink after work.’
  45. Max out your credit card on King Street.
  46. Run yourself silly up Jacobs Ladder in Kings Park.
  47. Go on a hens party Swan Valley wine tour.
  48. Line up for breakfast at Sayers in Leederville. It's totally worth it.
  49. Cheer on the Eagles or Dockers at Subi Oval (or whatever it’s called now—it will always be Subi to me!)
  50. Talk about sharks all summer long, but don’t let it actually stop you from going to the beach.

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