25 Things You Should've Done To Call Yourself A True Sunny Coast Local

By Trixie Hillen
22nd Feb 2016

Some country towns require you to have been a local for several generations before they consider you a local. Even if you’ve lived somewhere for 30 years, you’re still a “blow-in”.

We’re a bit more relaxed on the Coast. You pretty much just have to have lived here for a few months to be considered a local.

But if waiting isn’t your forte, and you wanted to hit local status, like yesterday, then try out our list of 25 things you should have done to call yourself a TRUE Sunny Coast local.

1. Been eaten alive by sea lice at Noosa Main Beach.

2. Convinced yourself that you’re going to learn to surf/SUP/unicycle.

3. Avoided Hastings Street like the plague in summer.

4. Worked your way through every carvery in every RSL on the Coast.

5. Been a little bit too snobby about your coffee.

6. You’ve had a “celebrity” encounter with Mark and Caroline from the radio. Or have dined next to, but pretty much with, K-Rudd.

7. Celebrated Australia Day—not because of what January 26 represents to some, but because it means tourist season has FINALLY ended.

8. You’ve got an airport less than half an hour from home, but you still have to drive two hours south to Brisbane to fly anywhere north.

9. Indulged in way too many shots at Rolling Rock.

10. Picked your own strawberries in Eumundi. Or have at least thought about doing it. Every year.

11. Seen a slightly lame comedian at The J (and secretly enjoyed it).

12. Prepared a little too thoroughly for a storm that never comes.

13. Worked in the hospitality industry in some way shape of form – waitress, dishy, barista, Domino’s delivery driver…

14. Complained about the housing market.

15. Been dragged to Eumundi Markets by visitors.

16. Talked shit about the Gold Coast. Or Brisbane. Or Toowoomba.

17. Have a very strong opinion about the best surf break on the Coast.

18. Whinged about the public transport options.

19. Wondered why they keep telling us we should use more public transport. But they keep “upgrading” the roads instead of providing more public transport.

20. Sort of just accepted the fact that decent internet speed will always be a couple of years in the future.

21. Sort of just accepted the fact that the completion of the Bruce Highway upgrade will always be a couple of years in the future.

22. Pub crawl at Mooloolaba. Tick!

23. Cocktail crawl on Hastings Street. Tick!

24. Craft beer crawl in Noosaville. Tick!

25. Exclaimed “we’re sooooooo lucky to live here!” at least once a week. Upped this to once a day, when you’ve had interstate visitors.

Image Credit: The Drifter

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