Coffee Swiggers | Meet Your New Fave Cafe

By Claire Plush
5th Jan 2016

What? You don’t even know where Rosemount is? And you call yourself a Sunny Coast local. Shame on you!

Your I-just-hang-out-where-I-live bubble is about to burst, as soon as we tell you about the full-blown epicness (word = created) of one of the Coast’s newest cafes, Guru Life.

Like we said, to get to this new café, you’ve got to venture to Rosemount, which for those of you who haven’t got your bearings is a little west of the Maroochy River, but not quite as far as Nambour.

If you’re on the right road, you won’t be able to miss Guru Life.

This café slash soon-to-be fully fledging roastery is the second venture for brother and sister duo Ester and Jonny following the raging success of their much-loved espresso bar The Pocket, in Moffat Beach. Teaming up with mate, Leighton, the onto-it threesome have produced a hangout spot that seductively pulls any curious coaster in, with its cool, black facade and middle-of-nowhere location.

Renowned for their very own Guru coffee at The Pocket, it’s no surprise that the same blend—a sultry combination of Columbian, Kenyan, Ethopian and Indian beans—is at the forefront of the company’s new HQ. Distinct in flavour with an almond-y undertone, it’s highly unlikely you’ll stop at just one cup. We’d even bet on it.

While coffee is obviously what these dudes are about, if you have an empty pit in your stomach that needs to be filled, they also do some extremely tasty nosh.

On the menu are all-day breakfast options (hallelujah!) including the super lavish Sunny Side Up Breakfast Pan with roasted field mushies and vine tomatoes with creamed spinach and fetta, free range eggs and crunch potato kofta and served with Turkish loaf that has just the right amount of crunch and sweet fruit chutney. *Insert severe stomach growl here.

Lunch is also available—try the Bohemian Mushrooms or the Shaolin BBQ Pork— and if you happen to sleep in and miss the 2pm kitchen cut-off, delicious cabinet food is at the ready.

Perching inside is tempting. But with a sweet outdoor area—think: a grassy secret garden with fairy lights strung above and couch-like seating. Oh, and a duck pond—sipping on a hot brew al fresco can’t be beat.

Do yourself a favour. This weekend, grab your mates, jump in someone’s car (preferably the oldest, shoddiest mobile), and cruise to Guru Life for a long, lazy morning of coffee and huge plates of food. You won’t want to move from here. In fact, we’re pretty sure that’s why they added the lunch string to their foodie bow, so you physically don’t have to! At least until closing time, otherwise that’d be #awkward.

With plans for the roastery to be pumping out new experimental Guru blends in the coming weeks, we’re pretty sure there’s big things around the corner for the G Life team. There’s even word, that down the track Jonny and Co. will open the shop for nights. We’re already hanging on the idea!

Open 6am to 4pm, seven days of the week, Guru Life is definitely worth the detour! But, if you’re floating around a different pocket of the Coast, are short on time and STILL wanna taste their goods aka coffee, you can also find their blend being churned out daily at The Happy Shack and newly opened Villain. Now, you can find “enlightenment in every cup” more often. And that, my friends, can only be a good thing. Am I right?

Where: 522 Petrie Creek Road, Rosemount

Image Credit: Ariana Gillrie

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