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Must-See Movies This March

By Grace Noles
24th Feb 2018

Must-See Movies This March

Movie enthusiasts gather round! We’ve got your monthly round-up of all the best movies coming your way, and March is really shaping up to be great. There’s a bit of everything for everyone, from nightmare-inducing horrors to Russian spy thrillers, to romcoms that will have you gushing over your date. So, treat yourself to that choc top and get comfy, here are all the movies to watch in March.

Red Sparrow  

1st March

Jennifer Lawrence is back to bless our screens in her latest film Red Sparrow. Lawrence plays Dominika, a Russian ballerina turned secret intelligence servant after facing an injury that ends her professional dancing career. After completing her hardcore, torturous training to become a ‘sparrow’ she is sent out to spy on a CIA agent and possible mole who turns the tables on Dominika, convincing her she can’t trust anybody and tempting her into becoming a double agent. This mystery thriller will have you tense and on the edge of your seat all the way through. 

Insidious: The Last Key

8th March

The fourth and final chapter of the Insidious films is here to send chills down your spine and keep you up all night. Insidious: The Last Key is rounding off the horror series and it consists of everything in your worst nightmares. Paraspychologist (don’t worry we had to Google that too, it’s a scientist of all things paranormal) Elise Rainier is called out to a house the owners claim to be haunted, but she is shocked to learn it is the same home she grew up in as a child. The film follows Rainier as she tries to destroy the demons that she once set free. For your monthly dose of everything paranormal and terrifying Insidious: The Last Key is your one-stop shop.

The Mercy

8th March

Get ready to swoon for silver fox Colin Firth who stars in The Mercy — the real-life story of Donald Crowhurst (played by Firth) and his 1968 attempt to sail around the world solo in 9 months. In desperate need of the cash prize on offer, Crowhurst—who had no previous solo boating experience—set sail and began an extensive cover-up of his failures onboard. An unsettling and gut-wrenching true story that took the world by storm the first time is set to do it all again.

Tomb Raider

15th March

Step aside Angelina Jolie (but actually can anyone replace her?) Tomb Raider is getting a 2018 reboot and we can’t wait. The live-action film based on the massively popular video game stars the beautiful Alicia Vikanda (see: The Danish Girl and Jason Bourne) as the fiercely independent Lara Croft on her very first expedition to complete her father’s research after his death. She quickly learns about the Mother of Death Tomb that her father was working hard to uncover and close before it dooms the earth. Don’t let the video game genre turn you off if you’re not a gamer — this one is going to be an action-adventure suitable for every type of moviegoer!

Peter Rabbit

22nd March

Get ready for a #TBT, our childhood fave is coming back for a live-action/CGI adaption of Peter Rabbit. After Peter and his rascal gang of rabbits are gifted with a new not-so-friendly neighbour, they must do all they possibly can to secure their long-occupied garden.  With a stellar cast (James Cordon, Domhnall Gleeson, Margot Robbie, Rose Byrne, & Daisy Ridley) this fun-for-all-ages film will be the perfect Easter weekend watch!

Pacific Rim Uprising

22nd March

Ten years since the original Pacific Rim, the oceans are tense once again and it is up to Jake, the promising son of late legend Stacker Pentecost, to bring down the new threats. Unfortunately for the world, Jake has gone rogue and abandoned his training which leads to his estranged sister attempting to convince him to follow in their father’s footsteps. Featuring our Star Wars fave John Boyega, we’re calling it now—this one’s going to be a hit for all the action lovers out there!

Love, Simon

29th March

“Everyone deserves a great love story”—that’s Simon’s philosophy in the latest coming of age romcom Love, Simon. Nick Robinson plays Simon, a gay closeted high school student who hasn’t come out to any of his friends or family yet but falls in love suddenly with an anonymous boy from his school, online. Navigating his way through coming out and the mystery of his online love, Simon tackles all the teenage dramas that come with growing up and finding who you are. For a tug on the ol’ heart strings, add this one to your list for March!

Ready Player One

29th March

In a world of doom and gloom, the only place to escape is in the OASIS, a shiny and futuristic virtual world. After the death of OASIS creator, players go crazy trying to find a hidden Easter egg that will reward the winner with a half a trillion dollar cash prize. The fun and games of the virtual world quickly spiral into a real fight to the death situation as the film follows underdog Wade Watts in his quest for the egg. Ready Player One is Steven Spielberg’s latest action adventure so we already know it’s going to be a goodie!

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