Sunshine Plaza's $400-million Redevelopment Finally Approved!

By Claire Plush
15th Aug 2016

Our lives are about to get a whole lot richer and poorer at the same time. Confused?

Don’t be. It’s simple. Sunshine Plaza have just announced their $400-million redevelopment has finally been approved, which means there’ll be more enriching our lives with beautiful things, and less money after we’ve spent a few hours “browsing” (read: buying). See? Richer AND poorer.

It’s a win-lose situation, but we’ve come to terms with it and nothing can dampen our excitement with news the Coast’s biggest shopping centre will soon be getting a whole lot bigger, expanding from 73,000 to 107,000 square metres.

Shopaholics are probably having heart palpitations right now because they know what comes with an epic $400-million facelift and an extra 34,000 square metres… more shops!

With over 100 new retailers expected to find a possi in the new and improved Sunshine Plaza, the only “who” we know, is David Jones are set to move in to our neck of the woods come spring 2018.

So, in honour of all the possible fashion, home and beauty stores that could call the Sunshine Plaza home, we’d like to take this opportunity to put our requests out into the ether.

Are you listening, decision-making peeps?

First of all, we’d like Zara. Mainly so that we can tell our boyfriends “we’ll just be a minute” and then exit two whole hours later with five bags of “I really needed something like this” clothing. Everyone should be entitled to that exact experience at least bi-monthly, without having to jump in a car or plane to hunt down this streetwear powerhouse. Am I right or am I right?

We wouldn’t say no to a Sephora, either. Keepin’ up with the sweaty face stakes come summer is tough, and we reckon this beauty mecca would totally solve all our shiny skin problems with their range of makeup and other stuff.

And, because everybody needs basics, H&M you are also permitted to open up shop on the Sunshine Coast. #youoweus

Actually, on second thoughts, just give us everything the Gold Coast’s smashing new refurbished Pacific Fair has and we’ll be happy. Or even just half. We’d still be like a bunch of well-dressed, slightly tanned pigs in mud.

Construction at Sunshine Plaza is kicking off this month and is expected to be completed in 2018. That may seem like a while away, but it wasn’t too long ago that you were cutting mum and aunty June’s phone call short to dial up the internet so, reeeelax.

So whaddyathink? Excited much? What do you want to see open with the new Sunshine Plaza redevelopment?

Image Credit: Mapio and Zara

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