The Best TV Shows You’re Not Watching | Vol 2

By Sophia McMeekin
10th Sep 2016

I don’t know if we’re getting to be a bunch of crazy shut-in recluses in our old age…

Or there’s just more good TV to watch these days, but we can not have a conversation with another human without trading a list of truly great TV shows they have to watch, so we can discuss in detail later, preferably clutching each other’s forearms and jumping up and down.

We’ve pooled our collective current TV crushes into one handy guide of the best under-the-radar shows worth hunting down. Fellow couch potatoes, this list is for you.

You Can’t Ask That, ABC

You Can’t Ask That does exactly what it says on the tin, asking all those questions you ah, can’t really ask. Each week a group of people who you’re probably mega curious about take a seat and answer all those questions you’re burning to ask but don’t, because you have manners. The spotlight shines on ex-prisoners, groups in polyamorous relationships, sex workers, Muslims, short statured people…the list goes on. Apart from being the ultimate chance to sticky beak (sans embarrassment from asking a cringey question IRL) you’ll learn a whole lot from this show. Namely about how to avoid offending people with dumb questions and finally understanding what happens when you drop the soap in prison. Watch the trailer here. - Rachel Lay, Content Marketing Executive

The Night Of, HBO series

Pray for rainy weather this weekend because this mini television series is the perfect pick for a weekend binge. A gripping eight-part HBO crime drama, The Night Of examines the New York City criminal system through the eyes of attorney Jack Stone (John Turturro) and his sweet, gawky client Nasir ’Naz’ Khan (Riz Ahmed). When Naz borrows his father’s taxi to attend a party, he picks up the troubled Andrea (Sofia Black D’Elia) and what ensues is a wild night of sex, drugs and booze leaving him waking up to murder charges. You’ll be wondering ‘did he do it?’ the whole way through. Watch the trailer here. - Tess Gallagher, Content Manager

Transparent, Stan

I’d heard good things about this show, but took a long time to check it out (like, Season-3-is-already-out long). Safe to say, I’ve been wasting my life not watching it. Following one endearingly messed up Jewish family as they navigate not only their father’s gender transition, but a host of other messy family dramas that span decades, Transparent feels like you’re watching a slow motion car crash. It’s sweet, funny, and consistently tragic. Trans may be trending, but this series isn’t a flash in the pan or gimmicky—it’s got chops. It’s the best series I’ve watched this year, and I don’t say that shit lightly. Watch the trailer here. - Sophia McMeekin, Group Content Manager

The Get Down, Netflix

Only recently released, this Netflix original has quickly cemented itself as a hot contender for your queue. The brain child of Baz Luhrmann, with the expected Luhrmann aesthetic overload, The Get Down explores the fictionalised origins of hip hop. Imagine the characters from GIRLS are all rappers, and the storyline is 97x better. Watch the trailer here. - Phil Swan, Marketing Manager

Last Chance U, Netflix

Tim Riggins fans, this might be your new favourite TV show. Last Chance U is essentially Friday Night Lights only it’s all real. The show follows the East Mississippi Community College football team—a rag tag team made up of kids who’ve been booted out of college and given one “last chance”—for one season. The coach is hankering to win another State Championship, while the players are trying to make it off the bottom rung and get scouted by a better college. Ultimately it speaks to the harsh reality of college sports and the nature of man. There’s also a legit real life Tammy Taylor. Sadly, there’s no real-life Tim Riggins equivalent—he’s too good to be true. Watch the trailer here. - Phil Swan

The Affair, Stan

Part murder mystery, part emotional dissection, 100% addictive, The Affair pulls apart—you guessed it—an affair in minute detail. Each episode is split down the middle, each half told from his and hers perspectives. The result is some intriguing “he said, she said” juxtapositions, and infinitely interesting detective work for the viewer (you will find yourself rewinding the episode to fact check). If the intrigue doesn’t get you, the lush Hamptons setting will. Watch the trailer here. - Sophia McMeekin

Image Credit: The Affair

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