10 (More) Sunshine Coast Instagrammers You Should Be Following

By Claire Plush
13th Sep 2016

With all the new happenings around Instagram (zoom function, we’re talkin’ about you. Oh and stories, too), we get that you’re probs wanting to chill out on the “following”.

But what say thou, do the opposite instead? Because we’ve found 10 more Sunshine Coast Instagrammers you totally should be giving two taps about.

instagrammers@adam__doyle | Explorer

The moody shots flooding our screens when we landed on Adam’s page were enough to make us wanna pack the car, hit the road, and explore the shit out of the Sunshine Coast. Adventurers, get ready to lose yourself.

sunshine coast instagrammers_6@sjanjohansenstylist | Stylist

Living in Noosa, you probs are already aware of Sjan Johansen’s work without actually being aware of it, if you get what I mean? No? You know that cute pop-up you see when you walk into Noosa Civic, showcasing what’s new across the stores? This lady is behind it. A visual merchandiser slash stylist, you won’t see any crappy shots around here.

sunshine coast instagrammers_4@andystaley | Photographer

If you’re married to the sea, Andy Staley will ensure you remain all loved up with incredible surf and underwater shots that’ll leave you questioning how far you can go back and like images without looking like too much of a creeper.

instagrammers@clo_studios | Interiors

This Insta account might make us want to buy everything in their store, but CLO Studios can’t help that they’ve got such good taste. Based in Noosa, if you’re after a dose of interior inspo, smack “Follow”.

instagrammers@Elle_Fit | Fitspo

Fitspo feigns looking for their next Insta health queen, hop on over to Sunshine Coast lass @elle_fit. She’ll make you wanna get bendy, and even sells guides on her website to make it happen.

instagrammers@levicaleballan | Warning: Wanderlust

Sure, this chap might call the Sunshine Coast home, but he’s also a self-professed roamer. Cruising around Australia with a camera at his side, to say Levi’s photos are breathtaking is a massive understatement. Each shot will make you wanna see more, explore more, dream more.

instagrammers@Abbey_Ginns | Model

You know those people who just make life look easy? And fun, like seriously fun? Sunny Coast model Abbey Ginns is that girl. You wanna be her friend even though you don’t know anything about her ‘cept that she likes hanging at the beach and wearing cute clothes.

instagrammers@wholeheartedstudio | Creative Director

Creative director Hayley Jenkin will make you want to do up an old Queenslander and become a freelance stylist. And, because that’s not actually going to happen, we’ll settle for a day hanging in her stunning home workspace. Can you hear us, Hayley?

instagrammers@deathstarlibrary | Kinda Like A Bookclub

Bookworms on the hunt for something to read, need to follow this local Insta account. We’re loving @deathstarlibrary‘s book recommendations and the conversations that flow into the comments. Okay, so we better be up front—we’re not 100 per cent sure this gal is based on the Coast, but judging by the occasional location tag, we’re guessing it’s the case.

instagrammers@sunshinecoast.foodie | Locally Fed

Ha! We love that these guys started their account to battle the peeps who say there’s nowhere good to eat on the Sunshine Coast. No denying that we’ve got the goods when flicking through Sunshine Coast Foodie’s plate-o-grams.

Still haven’t reached your Insta quota? We’ve also rounded up 9 Sunshine Coast Instagrammin’ ladies you should totally be following.  

Image Credit: Instagram

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